Are fleet carriers worth it yet?

Filiberto Schmidt asked a question: Are fleet carriers worth it yet?
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⚓ Is federation fleet worth it?

Why Federation Fleet is good: 1. Federation fleets don't have a command limit. There's few things that can stand up to 70+ battleships under a high level admiral. 2. The AI will build it for you, from their own shipyards, with their

⚓ Is upgrading to a t6 fleet now worth it?

No, you upgrade a T6 to a Fleet version THEN apply the T6-X, for your maximum benefit.. if you go from T6-X to fleet, you'll need/want to T6-X the fleet ship also.. 13 level 1

⚓ Fleet composition?

In 1998, Chapter III aeroplanes made up over 90 % of the EU fleet, Chapter II about 8 %, Chapter I only 0.1 % (two aircraft) and supersonic aircraft (Concorde) 0.5 %. Most of the aeroplane fleet thus complies with the most stringent EU noise standards.

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For me personally, a fleet carrier is going to be useful for me because I often transition from staying in the bubble, the Pleiades and even the witch head sector from time to time and go back and fourth between them and having a fleet carrier would be such a benefit because I can transfer all my ships and modules to the carrier and have it travel with me and do some trading on the side to cover or to atleast partially cover the fuel/upkeep expenses.

sooo yeah not worth it.... Fighter carriers are a 1 battle thing.... Inbefore 500 pages of scientific literature explaining why carriers don't make sense in space. the prob with carriers is that the fighters dont respawn.... i once tried an entire fleet of "Mother Ships" lol FULL Carrier...

I'm talking about Battleships with Strike Craft, both Bomber and Fighter, are they any good at all? Considering Point Defense and Flak used to absolutely smash them, not sure if its still the case.

I never tried the beta with fleet carriers, so I am not sure If I should buy one or not. I would only use it for long jumps to get my ships engineered or other long jumps when needed. I don't play with anyone else, not interested in selling anything. The only thing I think I would use it for is to reach some engineers faster or resource gathering ...

Fleet Carriers, as the name implies, can haul your fleet, act as a mobile commodity market, ship and outfitting yard, and even black market. These are the largest ships that players can buy, since ...

In accordance with their size, Fleet Carriers are wildly expensive, especially for new players that might have recently jumped into the game. This means Fleet Carriers are a late-game addition to your arsenal.

The Fleet Carriers Update (3.7), formerly known as the December Update, is a standalone content update for Elite Dangerous that was originally scheduled for release in December 2019, but was delayed and instead released on June 9, 2020. After the January Update, it was the fourth of a series of free updates throughout 2019 and 2020 intended to ...

However, for many players, this enormous price tag will be worth it, with the Fleet Carrier being a potential money-maker itself.

The fleet uniformity of low-cost carriers leads to lower training and maintenance costs. Motivated Staff Several LCCs prided themselves on the high motivation levels of their employees.

When the owner of a Fleet Carrier fails to regularly pay upkeep costs and their debt exceeds 250 million credits, equivalent to 10 weeks of debt with all optional services installed, the owner will have one week to resolve their finances or their Fleet Carrier will be automatically shut down and slated for decommissioning and scrapping, at which point it can no longer be recovered by paying off its debt. Alternatively, in the event a Fleet Carrier owner no longer wishes to maintain their ...

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Crusiers to Destoryers at 1:3 ratio. I personally like 3 crusiers as that is small enough to lure in your enemy into battle, but will also survive long enough for your main fleet to arrive. Ratio: 1LC:3DD. Convoy Raiding: Subs are working great and can escape patrols pretty well so no point doing any surface raiding.

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The T6 Fleet ships have better stats and an additional material BUT they lack the console and starship trait of their T6 counterpart. So you're sorta "forced" to get both T6 and a fleet module (instead of 5 if you don't buy the non-Fleet T6) for the T6 Fleet version so you can have the complete set... and that's not including the various ENG/SCI/TAC variants a T6 can have.

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Which carriers do you ship with?

What carriers do you ship with? What shippers do you use to ship your packages? We use all the major US Carriers for shipping.

Can t6 be upgraded to fleet level or match fleet level?

Also of note, many ships are viable endgame properly geared/flown, so a T6 that's not fleet upgraded (like most Z-store ships) is still a great ship. TD;DR: T6 for traits/console, then fleet if you really want that last 1%.

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How do you swap ships from fleet #1 to fleet #2?

If you want to swap ships:You split them off into a third fleet and then have the other fleet and the new fleet merge by left clicking on both fleets while holding the shift key down, that selects both fleets and then is an option in the very uppermost and left side of the window showing both fleets, left click that option and turn time back on (if it is suspended) and the second fleet ...

How to make carriers repair docked ships?

You are correct about the manual, however, I have seen no evidence (with current 3.2 patch) that carriers (and Aux ships) repair docked ships automatically (regardless of state of their repair drones or internal inventory). You must select the ship, and select repair then select the appropriate options as if it's docked at an Equipment Dock / Warf.

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