Are fleets worth it civ 6?

Braulio Toy asked a question: Are fleets worth it civ 6?
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no it is absolutely not worth do get a little boost to strength but its too insignificant to be of any real use.


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⚓ Are fleets worth it in civ 6?

Are fleets worth it in Civ 6? no it is absolutely not worth it…you do get a little boost to strength but its too insignificant to be of any real use. How is damage calculated Civ 6? So, the formula is: Dmg = 30*exp((difference between Combat Strengths)/25*Random[0.75 ~ 1.25]).

⚓ Upgrading fleets?

Among the other benefits of upgrading a truck fleet: Hiring and retaining drivers: In addition to better safety, drivers and technicians want to drive and work on newer trucks that come with advanced technology. Drivers want more comfort, less fatigue, and more home time.

⚓ Fleets super slow?

Fleets super slow? I'm not sure how to get a fleet to get to a battle before its over. They'll switch in and out of formation and slowly head where they're going at a fraction of the speed the slowest ship you could find would get there on its own.

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Are fleets worth it in Civ 6? no it is absolutely not worth it…you do get a little boost to strength but its too insignificant to be of any real use. How is damage calculated Civ 6?

I think it's more of a question of flanking. Flanking/support bonus is weaker as the units get more powerful in Civ6 ... it's just flat +2 combat strength per tile surrounding the target unit (as opposed to Civ5, where it scaled up by percentage - 10%/15% bonus to combat strength of the attacking unit) No.

Merging units has diminishing returns (a fleet is weaker than the combined combat ability of the two units that make it up) so in open environments, non-combined naval units can surround fleets and deal plenty of damage. However, in constrained environments where naval units can't as easily flank each other, fleets should be more effective.

in general, you're probably better off not forming armies if you have a tech advantage anyway, but if your oponents are on par, it may be worth it. also, space is always an issue. a "carpet of doom" won't help much when most units can't even get to the enemy. it's often easier to combine multiple units into armies so you get more firepower on the frontline. 3 artillery probably bomb a city defense down faster than 1 artillery army, but if you can't get 3 guns into firing positions ...

Civ 6 has more detailed features and mechanics compared to also fun but more straightforward 5. You can combine units into Armies and Fleets, there's appeal and hoursing for building cities. Districts make city building more interesting.

Later ones will unlock the ability to combine land units into Corps and Armies, and naval units into Fleets and Armadas. Also pay attention to the fact that unlocking certain civics will make some ...

Even an old strat game from the 80's (whose name I've forgotten) was better at putting some serious fleets of battleships that was hard on regular and nearly impossible to beat on the highest level. 2) The combat is so boring, unidimensional and units so imbalanced, that there is no need to build any units except a very few kinds, and then just a few units.

Yes, I fully agree that Venetian is an overkill, but it's a very good deal if you don't have much of a navy in the first few era, and want to quickly expand it. The cost of VA is roughly 6 frigates or 3 battleships after taking account of the production bonus, so at a minimum the player usually will get back the investment and more.

Corps or Fleet, created by combining two units of a kind. Requires the Nationalism Civic. The effect is to increase the Combat Strength by + 10 (both Combat and Ranged Strength) as well as the Anti-Air strength by + 7 above a single unit of the same type.

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