Are radial tires better for boat trailers?

Zackery Rohan asked a question: Are radial tires better for boat trailers?
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For a boat trailer, or any other trailer used on pavement a radial tire is preferable. A radial tire will have a more flexible sidewall, which provides better tread contact with the pavement… The size difference is negligible and would not cause the trailer to ride any differently.


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Speaking of weather, it can be a big factor when towing a boat. If it is a windy day, there is a good chance you might experience trailer sway. If you've ever experienced trailer sway, you know how unsettling it can be when your trailer starts to move side to side.

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For a boat trailer, or any other trailer used on pavement a radial tire is preferable. A radial tire will have a more flexible sidewall, which provides better tread contact with the pavement. Radial tires also do a better job of shedding heat.

It also gives the radial tire better stability and will normally run cooler which will help the tire last longer, especially when the tire is under a load. When it comes to radial tires and wheels for your boat trailer, I recommend Kenda KR25 ST145R12 Radial Trailer Tire with 12" Aluminum Wheel, # AM31206.

If you plan on long highway driving trips you should consider replacing those bias-ply tires with radial tires. Radial trailer tires are made to run cooler for longer hauls, and to have a longer tread life. Never replace radial tires with bias-ply tires without consulting the trailer manufacturer or a tire professional.

Best Radial Tires 1. Goodyear Marathon Tires. This multi-purpose, effective trailer tire provides superb travel capabilities. Its... 2. Greenball Tow-Master Special Trailer Radial Tires. If you need to pull some heavy loads like boats, horse trailer,... 3. Atturo ST200 Tires. This radial tire comes ...

Radial tires, however, do perform better than bias tires, and that performance is quickly noticeable. The ride is smoother, the trailer does not bounce and sway as much, and radial tires have a longer life. The most important characteristic of any trailer tire is its ability to carry a heavy load.

However, oxidation, not tread wear, wears out trailer tires. Radial tires are also less prone to developing flat spots on one side when they are parked in the same position for weeks at a time, and tend to run cooler on long trips. Bottom line: consider your trailer’s handling and the manufacturer’s recommended tire type.

Bias tires rated ST will continue to be manufactured. They are perceived to continue as a strong market for contractors, landscapers and even for boaters. But RV dealers may be tempted to stock radials only, since they’ll need them for motorhomes and trailers. The price difference has shrunk, making radials appear to be a better bargain.

A radial trailer tire is constructed with steel belts of the tire running at a 90 degree angle of the tread center line. A bias ply trailer tire is constructed with nylon belts of the tire running at a 30-45 degree angle of the tread center line. Benefits of Choosing A RADIAL Trailer Tire. Runs Cooler

Radial Tires: Preferred for higher mileage and consistent trailer use. Bias Ply Tires: Preferred for lower mileage and occasional use. Better for off-road use and less likely to have sidewall punctures.

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  • The tires on a boat trailer might be labeled: ST175/80D13 C *ST - These tires are for a trailer (Specialty Tire for trailer use only) *175 - The maximum width of the tire is approximately 175 mm at the widest point *80 - Indicates the height of the sidewall is 80% of the width (in this case 140 mm)
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By Jim Hendricks. June 2, 2017. Routinely check on your trailer tires and change them out every five or six years to be safe. Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing. The treads on tires for boat ­trailers don’t really wear out. More often, the sidewalls deteriorate over time, showing signs of cracking in the rubber exterior.

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  • To limit the amount of grease that is lost when the trailer is put in the water, boat trailers have rubber caps that seal the bearings from the outside. A new wheel bearing will provide great protection, however, even the best trailers on the market will eventually need to have wheel bearings replaced.
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The trailer always brakes first, and this positive brake action is safer for downhill driving and quick stops. However, few boat trailers are equipped with electric brakes, but they're used on many RV and utility trailers.

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  • Every 3,000 to 3500 miles or annually, whichever comes first. Manufacturers recommend to remove old contaminated grease from the hub and repack with new grease instead of just adding more. Unlike regular trailers, boat trailers get submerged in water on regular bases. This is why these types of trailers require service and inspection more often.
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How to prevent boat trailers from rusting? Washing a boat trailer after every use with fresh water and regularly lubing the vulnerable spots on the trailer (if needed) will prevent the boat trailer from rusting. Sometimes washing a trailer with a mixture of salt away or other products and water if used in saltwater is also a good practice.

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  • Shifted axles on a trailer is common on boat trailers because the axles are frequently attached to the frame using U-bolts that can shift during assembly, maintenance or just during everyday use. Our trailer parts department carries a variety of trailer suspension parts to get you fixed up & working again.
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