Are there any alternative battery chargers for marine batteries?

Richard Sanford asked a question: Are there any alternative battery chargers for marine batteries?
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  • Fortunately we have alternative battery chargers for replacement! The Charles Marine Battery Chargers 5000 SP Series charges are the only Marine UL listed chargers available with a battery type selector switch, allowing you to charge lead acid (Flooded), GEL or AGM type batteries.


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  • Boaters now have an alternative style of shore power connector, a new product of note called the SmartPlug.

⚓ Are there any federal regulations for marine engines?

  • Even many experienced marine mechanics are not aware of all the Federal regulations relating to fuel systems that ensure your boating safety. The Code of Federal Regulations applies to various types of recreational boats and mainly concern vessels with enclosed gasoline engines such as stern-drives and inboards, including onboard generators.

⚓ Are there any federal regulations for marine sanctuaries?

  • Federal regulations have been created that apply to all national marine sanctuaries, and some federal regulations have been created that apply specifically to the MBNMS. The system-wide regulations are published in Title 15 of the Code of Federal Regulations at Part 922.

⚓ Are there any marine diagnostic tools for windows?

  • For Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP Diacom Marine is a powerful Windows based diagnostic tool that is revolutionizing marine engine service. With advanced engine control systems now standard on nearly all gasoline inboard and stern drive engines, you need a service tool that pinpoints problems quickly and accurately.

⚓ Are there any marine electronics businesses for sale?

  • Marine electronics sale and repair business located on a Marina, specializing in repair of marine electronics such as GPS, Radar, Auto Pilot and boats control systems. Please refer to listing...

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  • The entire property is serviced by public water and sewer. UPDATE: Sale includes auto repair/restoration shop as well Well established, turn key, with trained staff and all the equipment boat yard needs. 3 Mechanics, with all the tools, huge office with small marine parts store. in business for 12+ years.

⚓ Are there any online courses for marine engine mechanics?

  • There are also a few online courses aimed specifically at marine engine mechanics. Here are some online courses for marine engine mechanics: Engine Repair Course: Students study engine configurations, engine cycle fuels and oxidizers, combustion chambers, air inlet systems, valves, crankshafts, flywheels and measures of engine performance.

⚓ Are there any online courses for marine mechanics?

  • Online courses addressing various aspects of boat and marine mechanics can often be found within programs focusing on a related subject, such as marine surveying. Marine surveying is the act of inspecting and examining different operations and equipment of a vessel, with an eye toward compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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  • Students can earn the ABYC Certified Technician or Master Technician credential. Many schools and technical institutes offer online courses in automotive mechanics and small engine repair. Since ships use internal combustion engines, an aspiring marine mechanic may find these courses useful preparation for a marine technology career.

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Are there any parts for a kohler marine generator?
  • Our distributors worldwide stay stocked 24/7, so you get the parts you need now. Rest assured, KOHLER genuine parts are built specifically for your marine generator – and are available when you need them. Protect your power.
Are there any replacement mefi ecms for marine power?
  • We have replacement MEFI ECM's for most any application, including Mercruiser, Volvo Penta, Indmar, Crusader, Pleasurecraft, Marine Power, Kodiak, Mercury Racing, Turnkey, MSD, Painless, industrial, and many more. The table below shows an extensive list.
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  • There are a number of technical schools that offer training in marine mechanics. A watercraft and marine mechanics program typically provides a broad overview that may qualify you for an entry-level position in the industry.
Is there a battery repair for marine radios?
  • Marine Radio Battery Repair for most Marine Portable Radios like: CNB350 / HX350 / HX350S / HX255 /Apelco VXL501 -THIS IS NOT A NEW BATTERY - Just New NIMH Cells! Contact us if your radio is not listed before purchasing this service. THIS IS NOT AN OFFER FOR A NEW BATTERY!
Is there a core charge for marine batteries?

A core charge is a form of deposit paid when you purchase a battery and is refunded to you when the battery is returned… Definition: A battery with a core of elemental lead and a capacity of six or more volts which is suitable for use in a vehicle or boat.

What makes charles marine battery chargers so good?
  • Charles Chargers are tested by Marine UL for safety and durability against impact, vibration, temperature and shock. The Charles Marine Battery Chargers has 3 stage charging, with temperature compensation, delivering the greatest charge when the battery is most able to accept it thereby preventing overcharging and extending the battery life.