Are there any boats that have multiple berths?

Francis Mills asked a question: Are there any boats that have multiple berths?
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Docking a mega-ship | mooring and berthing explained!

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  • One of the luxuries that are often included is plenty of sleeping space. This can include multiple berths. Cruisers are also a great boat when it comes to cabin space. These boats offer luxurious cabin space even on smaller vessels.


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This captain makes docking a giant ship look easy

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  • With 26 superyacht berths from 28 to 60m, this innovative complex has a pontoon for tenders and terminal for charters. Superyacht owners enjoy the benefits of having a privileged access to the Yacht Club de Monaco‘s Clubhouse throughout their stay in the Principality.
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  • Typical Holiday 23 design with 5 berth. Main sail number 14. 3 jibs including storm jib. Jib operates on rolling furler. Includes all safety equipment. All electrical instruments working Engin = 8 hp two stroke Yamaha engine. 2 X fuel tanks.

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  • Used as a deep water port since Roman times, today the port sits nestled under the steep Monegasque cityscape of high-rises, grand hotels, and the cliff-top palace perched on the Rock of Monaco. The port has 700 berths, of which 30 are visitor docks according to availability.

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