Are there any other shipwrecks in south korea?

Tessie Hagenes asked a question: Are there any other shipwrecks in south korea?
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  • The 1976 discovery of the Sinan wreck has led South Korean authorities to engage in many other undersea excavations, retrieving 14 wrecks including two other 14th-century Chinse ships, 10 Koryo ships, one Unified Shilla ship and one Chosun era ship over the next four decades.


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⚓ How many undiscovered shipwrecks are there?

there are an estimated three million undiscovered shipwrecks; We've detailed four of the most valuable – with billions of pounds just waiting there.

⚓ Are there any ship repair yards in south korea?

  • South Korea also has a vast domestic fleet, which tends to use South Korean ship repair yards for scheduled dockings. Most South Korean yards admit to a slightly (10 to 15 percent) higher price level basis than the Singapore area.

⚓ What to do with shipwrecks?

  • Then you can focus on buying a new ship on the market. You can return to your shipwreck in a different ship. Any items that were not destroyed will be in the wreckage. If you buy a module called a Salvager, and train up the Salvaging skill, you can use the salvager to try to get some of the broken-but-usable parts from your shipwreck.

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