Are there any surviving pt boats?

Imani Reynolds asked a question: Are there any surviving pt boats?
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Motor torpedo boat PT-617, also known as Dragon Lady, "is the sole surviving 80' Elco type PT boat on display and represents the United States's most heavily used, highly favored, and combat-tested PT boat type in World War II." PT-617 is a PT-103-class Elco motor torpedo boat of the same type as the famous PT-109 ...


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A total of 11 PT boats, and 2 experimental PT boat hulls in various states of repair, survive today in the U.S.: PT-48; PT-48 is possibly the last surviving 77-foot (23 m) Elco PT boat. In July 1942, PT-48 (nicknamed "Prep Tom" and "Deuce") was assigned to MTB RON 3.

Surviving boats. At the end of the war, almost all surviving U.S. PT boats were disposed of shortly after V-J Day. Hundreds of boats were deliberately stripped of all useful equipment and then dragged up on the beach and burned.

Kennedy and the survivors swam nearly 3 miles to a small island. After a week of surviving on small islands with the help of natives, Kennedy and the 109’s surviving crew were rescued by PT-157. The Last Surviving Elco Boat: PT-617 PT Boat 617 on display at the private non-profit Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts.

The Porpoise was an old PT boat. Specifically, it was the PT-658 – the only World War II-era PT boat still floating. There were four or five others scattered around the country, in museums and up on blocks here and there, but the vast majority of the hundreds of PT boats built for World War II ended up dragged up on beaches and burned at the end of the war.

Those weren't a feature of PT boats, but one of two surviving crew members said he had found them on a wrecked yacht and installed them, Schick said. In 2003 Schick began volunteering at the museum...

Today, just four combat-veteran PT boats still exist in the U.S. Of those, only PT-305 is fully restored and operational, complete with original-model engines. In November, PT-305 will be moving...

Publish date: May 29, 2018. Today there are just two fully restored and operational Patrol Torpedo boats, or PT boats, left in the world, and only one of them saw service in World War II. That boat, PT-305, which performed more than 70 missions during the war, is now owned and operated by the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana, ...

 They currently list for sale the World War II PT-728, the only PT boat in existence licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard for carrying passengers.  They are asking $1,000,000 for the refurbished boat. The Genuine PT Boat  This is PT-728, a 66 1/2 year-old restored Patrol Torpedo Boat from World War II.

The last surviving German Schnellboot or fast torpedo boat of World War Two (known as E-Boat or Enemy Boat by the allies), which is in viable condition for restoration, is being restored at Southdown in Cornwall. S130 was a particularly successful example of the schnellboot. Commissioned on October 21st 1943, she was part of the 9th S-Boot flotilla ...

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