Are there any yacht charter companies in greece?

Sim Rosenbaum asked a question: Are there any yacht charter companies in greece?
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  • In partnership with the Finest Luxury Yachts, a leader in luxury mega motor yacht charter, we are proud to offer a wide selection of luxury yacht charter in Greece and the Greek islands. As soon as you step onboard, every moment of your yacht charter experience will be tailored to your taste.


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⚓ Are yacht charter prices negotiable?

“Now, yacht owners will negotiate on a weeklong charter or less… A great deal could be an outstanding yacht at a midrange rate, or reduced delivery fees to move a yacht to the exact location you desire, or some other perk that is of real value even with no rate discount at all.

⚓ Can you charter a yacht in croatia or greece?

  • With us you can charter a sailboat, motorboat, catamaran, luxury yacht or gulet. Our Yacht Charter directory in Croatia, Greece and France is ranging from small to luxury boats. Yacht charter boats can be chartered bareboat or crewed.

⚓ How much is it to charter a yacht in greece?

How much does it cost to charter a catamaran in Greece?

  • How much does it cost to charter a catamaran in Greece? The cost to charter a catamaran in Greece could start from 3.000,00 Euro per week for a 38 feet catamaran. The price depends on the catamaran dimensions, year of built, cabins and comforts aboard.

⚓ How much to charter yacht in greece?

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Greece?

  • Renting a yacht in Greece costs from 1,500 dollars per day in low season and from 10,800 dollars per week. Yachts are generally rented with a captain and the most luxurious vessels come with a crew. Check the mandatory and included extras with the owner.

⚓ Is there a yacht charter company in croatia?

  • ABOUT US Yacht Charter Croatia - Croatian yachtcharter and yacht broker companies offers a wide range of yachts for rent, from small sail or motor bareboats exquisite spacious powerboats, sailboats, catamarans and motor sailers to luxury sailing or power mega yachts.

⚓ Is there a yacht charter in fort lauderdale?

  • Sun Dream Yacht Charters is the perfect choice to host a party boat rental in Fort Lauderdale for a celebration event or to have your wedding on a yacht, a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah yacht charter in Florida. The Sun Dream is a 137 foot custom luxury yacht.

⚓ What are the requirements to charter a yacht in greece?

  • When chartering in Greece a second member of the crew must also be qualified or experienced to Competent Crew level. It is important to check exactly what the requirements are for area in which you intend to sail with your charter company. Yacht Qualifications required for Caribbean.

⚓ What do i need to charter a yacht in greece?

  • International Certificate of Competency (ICC). In certain European countries, it is, in theory at least, mandatory to hold an International Certificate of Competency (ICC) if you want to bareboat charter a yacht. We discuss the relevance of that qualification here. It is a requirement for ALL Greek yacht charters.

⚓ What does it cost to charter a yacht in greece?

  • How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Greece? For a weekly bareboat yacht charter in the low season prices can start from as low as €1,500 while a peak period charter for a luxury catamaran can reach €20,000 plus any extras for a week of sailing in the Greek islands.

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What is a bareboat yacht charter yacht charter?

What is difference between Time Charter and bare boat charter?

  • In a voyage or time charter, the charterer charters the ship (or part of it) for a particular voyage or for a set period of time. In these charters, the charterer can direct where the ship will go but the owner of the ship retains possession of the ship through its employment of the master and crew. In a bare-boat or demise charter, on the other hand, the owner gives possession of the ship to the charterer and the charterer hires its own master and crew. The bare-boat charterer is sometimes ...
What is required to charter a yacht in greece?

To charter a yacht in Greece, there must be at least one certified skipper on board and one experienced crew member (both over 18 years old). The skipper should be competent at handling a yacht in close quarters, anchoring and mooring in varying conditions.

What is the vat on a yacht charter in greece?
  • In Greece, VAT on a yacht charter is charged at 24% and is based on the value of the yacht. However, this figure can be reduced if the yacht meets specific criteria.
What to expect on a yacht charter in greece?
  • Everywhere you cruise, you’ll be awed by the spectacular scenery of Greece. From pine-coated hills and dramatic chalky cliffs to tiny islands rising up from the sea, Greece is steeped in natural beauty. The best yacht charter spots of Greece are generally structured into the five major island chains and two peninsulas.
Who are the largest yacht charter companies in the world?
  • LIST OF KEY COMPANIES PROFILED: 1 Dream Yacht Charter (Maryland, USA) 2 Worldwide Boat (Florida, USA) 3 Fraser Yachts (Monaco, Europe) 4 NORTHROP & JOHNSON (Florida, USA) 5 Nicholson Yachts (New Port, USA) 6 Simpson Marine Limited (Hong Kong, China) 7 Ocean Independence (Zurich, Switzerland) 8 MasterCraft Boat Holdings, Inc. (Tennessee, USA)
Who are the sun dream yacht charter companies?
  • Sun Dream Yacht Charters is a family owned and operated South Florida yacht charter company. We offer extensive experience in hosting special events and celebrations, corporate events or a wedding and reception on a yacht or boat. We have been hosting elegant affairs and corporate event party on our fleet of luxury yachts for over 30 years.