Can you use silicone on a boat?

Hailee Mills asked a question: Can you use silicone on a boat?
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In short, silicone sealants can easily be used to seal boat cabins and windows. However, they are not designed to be effective in total immersion. Polyurethane adhesives are often recommended for this purpose, but other adhesive products that meet the proper requirements can also be used.


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âš“ Can i use silicone on a boat?

In short, silicone sealants can easily be used to seal boat cabins and windows. However, they are not designed to be effective in total immersion. Polyurethane adhesives are often recommended for this purpose, but other adhesive products that meet the proper requirements can also be used.

âš“ Can you use silicone caulk on boat decking?

  • This marine silicone caulk is compatible with boat surfaces like aluminum, metal, fiberglass, glass, wood, and some plastics. Since it provides waterproof and airtight bonds that are easy to remove when needed on applications above and below the waterline, it is considered one of the best sealants for deck hardwares.

âš“ What can silicone be used for on a boat?

  • It is clear in color, works on fiberglass, wood, metal, rubber and vinyl surfaces and cures in 24 hours. Silicone is great for use as a galley and head sealant, gasket adhesive, or bedding compound for portholes, hatches, windows, and marine hardware.

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Caulking IMHO has little place on a boat, and above the water line real silicone is fine. Not sure if you keep you boat in the water or trailer etc, but be sure to seal up those holes good and permanent so you do not get any water penetration into your transom no matter what product you use. If your not using the holes again consider using epoxy.

It is said that silicone is an inert synthetic polymer compound and is technically part of the rubber family. You can imagine why its been a favourite in boat maintenance for some time. Its UV resistant, heat resistant, a great insulator and is ideal for creating gaskets.

As Dog stated silicone has very, very few good uses on a boat. Certain plastics require it because they can be attacked by Polysulfides, Polyurethanes or Polyethers. The problem with Silicone is that it nearly permanently contaminates a surface. Even when you think it is gone and you've rubbed it away it is still there.

The silicone gelcoat on your boat is one of its most important features, protecting the strength, color, and durability of your boat’s fiberglass. But it can also prove to be one of its chief challenges.

For waterproofing hardware that you know must come apart again someday, like navigation light fixtures, marine silicone ­products from 3M, Star brite, West Marine and BoatLife are hard to beat. BoatLife's Life Seal is a blend of silicone for UV resistance and polyurethane for better adhesion.

It is extremely adhesive and does not grow mold like silicon does. Aside from using it on boats, sills and anything that has something to do with water, you can also use this to properly seal around showers and tubs. As you can see, it can be a little costly but it can guarantee many practical uses.

You can coat your whole dang boat with this stuff. Not all manufacturers specify that their products are silicon-based—some use different nomenclature, like silicium (the original name for silicon) or Si-14 (silicon’s atomic number is 14), or even, simply, quartz.

Old-time boatbuilders used silicon-bronze screws to fasten the planks of first-class wooden yachts, and shops using traditional methods still do. Silicon bronze demands almost no maintenance—just wash it. You can polish it if you’d like, but I’d let it assume its natural finish, even though that’s a bit green. Or you can go the classic chrome-on-bronze route, the way yacht owners got gleaming deck hardware before stainless steel became common.

Silicone is pretty soft and abrasion would chew it up. I’m not sure it would be durable enough for use on a boat exterior fabric for extended use.

For bedding things that aren't coming apart in the near future I like 5200. But for sealing screws ( which will probably be coming out in the future) I like "Life Calk" by Boatlife. Non-Shrinking, and you're even able to apply it underwater. But either way, I WOULDNT USE silicone sealer.

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