Did someone die on below deck?

Philip Heathcote asked a question: Did someone die on below deck?
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Thankfully, no crew members have died while filming Below Deck or any of the spin-off series. She made this revelation during season 6 when deckhand Ashton Pienaar almost died when a rope wrapped around his ankle and dragged him off the boat…


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⚓ Did below deck not get a tip?

Unfortunately, the Below Deck crew did not get "the big money" after that charter. The guests left a $5,000 tip, which came out to $500 each when split evenly among all the crew members.

⚓ Did rob from below deck do the crossing?

But Rob and Jess did ultimately end up leaving the boat together as The Wellington crew said their goodbyes. In the episode, we saw them kiss on the dock before an update appeared on the screen: "Instead of doing the crossing... Rob went to Bali with Jess."

⚓ Did someone die on below deck season 6?

In season 6 episode 11, Ashton Pienaar had a close brush with death when he got a tow line wrapped around his leg and was dragged into the water between the yacht My Seanna, which was underway, and the vessel's tender.

⚓ How real is below deck?

  • Don’t Be Fooled — ‘Below Deck’ Isn’t as Real as You Think It Is. Back in 2013 when the show premiered, series mainstay Captain Lee Rosbach spoke with The Triton, revealing that the mega yachts are frequently renamed by producers for the show. For instance, Season 1's “Honor” is actually called “Cuor di Leone” in real life.

⚓ Is below deck scripted?

Jones, a guest on season 6 of Below Deck, told Bravo that all the action that unfolds on-board is unplanned. “The show is 100% real,” she revealed… Some aspects are fictional, however, the show takes place on a different yacht every season, although sometimes they are renamed to protect the interests of the owners.

⚓ What is below deck?

  • Since 2013, Below Deck has been captivating TV audiences across the globe by offering a highly sought-after peek into life on board multi-million dollar luxury charter yachts.

⚓ When did below deck start on bravo?

  • Below Deck is an American reality television series on Bravo that debuted on July 1, 2013, Developed by Mark Cronin, Rebecca Taylor Henning & Doug Henning. Announced in April 2012, Below Deck chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a mega-yacht during charter season.

⚓ When did below deck yachts start on bravo?

  • Bravo’s Below Deck was an instant smash hit when it premiered in 2013. Viewers couldn’t get enough of the behind-the-scenes look at the yacht charter industry. In fact, the show was so popular, the network ordered a spin-off in 2016, Below Deck Mediterranean.

⚓ When did the first chief stewardess leave below deck?

  • She left after Season 1, although she did make an appearance in a later season when she befriended guests on an outing and ended up at dinner on the yacht, with some of her former enemies having to serve her. It was awkward to say the least.

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Where did the show below deck take place?
  • The show was shot during a 5 week Caribbean charter on the 50m Cour de Leone, which was renamed ‘M/Y Honour’ for the show. The original crew were given time off, although the captain Lee Rosbach, the first mate and the engineer stayed on board (but not as characters in the show) to ensure the boat stayed in one piece.
Who did ben sleep with on below deck?

Hannah Ferrier and chef Ben Robinson from Below Deck Mediterranean came pretty close to hooking up during season 1.

Who died below deck?

Josh, who was 42, died in his sleep after unknowingly taking the fentanyl mixture, a powerful synthetic opioid that's said to be 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. "He fell asleep and just didn't wake up, so it wasn't… he didn't suffer," Lee says.

Who owns below deck?
  • ‘Below Deck’ is the brain child of co-executive producer, Rebecca Taylor, who has been carrying around the idea since spending three summers working on charter yachts in New England during her college years.
Why did pete get fired from below deck?

Two months prior, Peter was cut by Bravo after he made racially charged comments amid the Black Lives Matter protests in June 2020. Below Deck's Shane, on the other hand, was sent packing during season 8, following a poor performance on the yacht.

Why did they stop showing pete on below deck?

Bravo said in a statement at the time of his termination, "Peter Hunziker of Below Deck Mediterranean has been terminated for his racist post. Bravo and 51 Minds are editing the show to minimize his appearance for subsequent episodes."