Do boat transoms flex?

Velda Fahey asked a question: Do boat transoms flex?
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Video answer: Is my transom bad? do i need to repair or replace it? taking a closer look at my transom

Is my transom bad? do i need to repair or replace it? taking a closer look at my transom

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The flex/movement in the transom should not be enough to transfer stress to that part of the boat. It is not an integral support of the transom.


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Video answer: Does the transom leak?!??

Does the transom leak?!??

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On an 18 footer, there should be NO flex of the transom. Just to be certain, while the boat is on the trailer and with the engine vertical, stand on the anti-ventilation plate and bounce. You should see NO transom movement. Now if your transom IS flexing, I have had very good luck with capping it with aluminum and tying it into the splashwell.

It takes very little play in motor mounts, steering, or I would hazard to say transom give to make a pad boat chine walk uncontrollably. The gel will hairline crack long before you can see any flexing from jumping on the motor. It's an early warning signal that we watch, but are not too concerned with per se.

Boats his age tend to be in one of two conditions. Either clean well cared for, or eventually in need of repair. The level of repair is what you need to determine. Is the transom out or can you drill and cast a transom inside it to clear up the flex with the pourable fillers. A new transom is possible and a floor also.

Depends on if you have an outboard or inboard/outboard and fiberglass vs aluminum. I only have experience with outboards and fiberglass. Typically you will see the transom flexing under power, or flexing when applying pressure to the outboard (by hand). You may also see large stress cracks in the corners where the transom meets the sidewalls.

Now when I pull up on the lower unit the whole back end of the boat comes up but the transom does not flex at all. After 5 hours on the water this morning, there wasn’t a single drop in the bilge. Solid as a drop and tight as a drum, I’m ready for anything now!

The transom on my boat has some holes that need to be filled which led me to take a closer look at the condition of my transom. Is it rotten or does it need ...

Aussie Marine - What to look for when buying a second hand boat

Local spots with high moisture are often easily fixed since that condition indicates local water intrusion from something like a screw hole or garboard drain leak. Trying to flex the transom is not all that effective a test. Some transoms flex somewhat but may not have problems. Often, the transom doesn't flex but can be wet.

A transom will last as per the use or caring nature of the user that would have in him or her. But a typical transom will last approximately 20 years and after that, you have to replace it. Final Words. These five steps of how to Reinforce a Transom on an Aluminum Boat will help you to solve your Boat transom problem. It is a complicated process.

Wow what a story! This man hauls explosives underground. He goes 1800ft below sea level, deep into underground caves and uses aluminum boats. To prolong the ...

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