Do capsuleer ships have crew?

Ned Leannon asked a question: Do capsuleer ships have crew?
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Quartermasters. Quartermasters are present as crew aboard some vessels, including capsuleer-piloted ships.


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A capsuleer ship may fly and respond faster than regular ships, but they still require flesh and blood to maintain their engines, to service their guns, to ensure the comnectiom between ship and capsule. Frigates often run on 5 man crews or less, the capital class ships and higher having crews the size of small cities.

no the media says that capsuleer ships do have tiny crews, who are basically janitors and repair men keeping the ship at optimal with no real control or anything over the ship, so when your bs got popped a couple hundred space janitors and repairmen got toasted, its even mentioned that only the desperate or insane ship on a capsuleer ship tour

Ships have crews. They can occasionally do without, but crews are the rule rather than the exception. Engineers. Engineers are present as crew aboard some vessels, including capsuleer-piloted ships. To rise to the rank of Chief Engineer aboard a battleship is considered a major achievement. Quartermasters

In short, anything that you as a capsuleer doesn't control or can't do, your crew controls and does. Cleaning, maintenance, life support systems e.t.c and of course the support staff for those crew as well. However I have heard that capsuleer frigates have no crew.

Lore seems to indicate that ships do have crew, but dont let that stop you from roleplaying. Aint nobody on my Paladin but me, exotic dancers, minmatar slaves and potrait od the empress. 25

Because the crew actually perform different tasks, and because it is useful to have a backup. In capsuleer ships, both function are redundant. I would love for my crew to scan down a hostile while I'm performing combat operations, but alas, no can do.

In eve the ships have only 1 crewman and thats you the capsuleer. your held in a vat of goo in semi stasis being used as a supercomputer core. the factional ships however do have crews from a few 20 - 10k depending on the ship size. amarr apocs are crewed with around 2k people if i remeber the flaver text correctly

Capsuleer ships also have crews. Let's say that again. Your ships have crewmembers on board in addition to yourself, tucked away safe in your goo-filled pod as you are. This chronicle depicts the interaction of a capsuleer pilot and a potential crewmember.

As for lore, yes, the bigger ships have crew, but are not seen anywhere in the game. Also, capsuleers give a rats a** if their human crew dies of live. Thats why many human see the capsuleers as inhuman monsters.

Yes. All ships have crews. Frigates can technically fly with only the capsuleer, but everything above that has crew. Cruisers have crews numbering in the hundreds. Battleships and above have several thousand crewmen.-----CCP Ginger: Posted - 2009.12.15 16:28:00 -

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