Do triton boats have wood in them?

Lacy Bruen asked a question: Do triton boats have wood in them?
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Triton boats quality construction overview

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Triton is the first to build a wood-free, 100% composite bass boat with a concave running pad, an industry first, that produces the legendary soft dry ride of a Triton bass boat.


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⚓ Do sea pros have wood?

Sea Pro with no wood construction.

⚓ How much is a triton yacht?

Interesting news now that Delta Marine's 50m motor yacht Triton has been sold at auction for $11 million. A distress sale by the finance house that took over the yacht, Triton was originally on the market asking $25.9 million.

⚓ What happened to benetti boats?

  • The company never recovered from the losses and was sold to boat dealer Azimut in 1984, who then started to build their own boats on the shipyard, still using the traditional name Benetti.

⚓ What is a triton boat?


It's a word we take seriously. Our tournament-ready fiberglass fishing boats are designed to get you on the fish first, and to the top of the scoreboard at the weigh-in. Triton models are built to perfectly match your style of winning with features and capibilities to help you claim victory.

⚓ What is gelcoat on boats?

  • Gelcoat is the outermost layer over the fiberglass. When a boat is built, a layer of polyester resin is applied to the inside of the mold before any fiberglass is laid down. This layer of resin becomes the outer surface of the boat, and is called gelcoat.

⚓ What kind of wood are carolina boats made of?

  • There are several methods of construction that Carolina builders use, most commonly cold-molding or plank-on-frame construction. In both cases, the boat’s stringers (which more or less act as its backbone) are crafted from a solid, light wood such as fir.

⚓ What makes boats so expensive?

Boats Require Special Materials Aluminum:. Sure, aluminum can be cheap, but boat-building aluminum isn’t, and you wouldn’t want it to be. A durable... Wood:. Wood can also be cheap to buy, but not the wood that is used to build boats. Boatbuilders typically use high-end... Fiberglass:. Fiberglass ...

⚓ When to repair damaged varnish wood on boats?

  • Repair can be at the start of a season, when you need to apply varnish to an existing item that exhibits wear, or it can be right after damage occurs. Remember that there is no better way to achieve a great looking varnish job than to build up numerous coats of the best varnish you can afford,...

⚓ When was higgins boats invented?

  • The Higgins PT boats were developed in the early 1930s in the United States by Higgins Industries in New Orleans. 199 models were manufactured, many of the various models were sold to other countries, namely Great Britain and the USSR at the beginning of the War.

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Triton aluminum boat construction

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I have a 1976 Fiberking Bomber Citation that has fiberglass stringers, and only 1 main board down the center. Then the foam is poured and 1/2" marine ply is set on there before it drys. So really, no wooden stringers. It is a 17' trihull and with trailer and no motor weighs in at an incredible 1500lbs.

For 20 Years, Triton has led the way in Fiberglass Fishing Boat Innovation! FIRST fiberglass fishing boat manufacturer to feature super-tough wood free composite construction. With no wood to rot, many 20-year-old Tritons are still on the water today!

I think most of the new model boats are no wood/no ply wood, I know Triton is one for sure .

Triton Boats Overview. Triton Boats was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Mar 11, 2009 and since then this brand received 27 reviews. Triton Boats ranks 28 of 222 in Water Transport category. The overall rating of the company is 2.3 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.

Triton is the first to build a wood-free, 100% composite bass boat with a concave running pad, an industry first, that produces the legendary soft dry ride of a Triton bass boat. The TR21 is introduced and becomes a top choice of the pros for its unmatched performance, nimble handling and maximum fishability.

Triton built the first wood-free bass boat in 1996. See how we continue redefining our own industry setting standards with the best manufacturing processes.

Triton never made fiberglass bass boats with wood transoms. Theirs were fiberglass when they began making boats in 1997 (I've got a first-year model sitting in the shop at home). As others have said, Champion was one of the last to the party.

Xpress boats are wood free to at least the 2000 era. My 2002 Lowe 180w I use to have was wood free. The Triton magnums , 176, 186, and 197 were wood free back in early 2000s.

The only wood used at the time was in the console and for backing for cleats/ladder/rear seats. Everything else was foam cored or solid glass, and the hull does not have any coring except at the transom. wghigh (?) posted he had found wood in various locations so perhaps changes have been made since then, but as far as

Almost no one builds with wood in a modern day bass boat. Ranger was one of the first to go away from wood back in the 80's I believe it was. Go out to youtube and search for videos from the Ranger,Triton Skeeter, Phoenix etc. They all have videos on how they build boats.

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  • Triton boats, like fine automobiles, are built with unibody construction. The entire boat moves as a single unit which greatly reduces vibration, provides superior strength, and the ultimate in safety for you. Save now on new OEM Triton boat parts and accessories at Great Lakes Skipper.
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