Do you need a motor for a jon boat?

Creola Greenfelder asked a question: Do you need a motor for a jon boat?
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Why Get an Outboard Motor? A 15 hp is suitable for bigger Jon Boats. If you're fishing bigger bodies of water, flooded rivers or have additional gear, you're going to need the extra power outboard motors provide.

  • Jon Boats are one of the most versatile watercrafts available, and one of the most popular as well. However, even though they can be rowed or poled effectively there is only so far human power can take you. Sooner or later you will want to add a motor to your jon boat.


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⚓ Do i need a cover for my jon boat?

  • A cover is a good investment for any jon boat. Covers keep wet leaves and debris off of it. When it’s time to take your boat out again it the spring, it will be clean and ready to go. There are numerous covers on the market today for any size jon boat and some people just use inexpensive tarps.

⚓ Do you need annual outboard motor service on a boat?

  • Boat engines are used in a harsh environment that is going to clog and corrode your engine. Having annual outboard motor service done will ensure proper function so you don’t get stranded while out on the water.

⚓ Is 5 hp enough for a jon boat?

Senior Member. Small lakes with little load the 5hp would probably pretty reasonable. Larger rivers with current and stuff i would def go at least the 9.9 but would reccomend a 15hp. If you get a little bigger you will still be fine, but if you go to little then its no good.

⚓ Is this a good size for a jon boat?

  • Its a great size - 12' long and over 50" wide. All the flat-bottom Jon boats made now in 12' are 32-36" wide, and really only good for 2 people and gear, while this one is stable with 3 and a dog, so its worth repairing. Valco boats are like Grumman canoes: thick aluminum made to aircraft specs from when America was Great Before.

⚓ What do i need for an electric boat motor?

  • A comprehensive portfolio of high-tech outboard drives Boat application Torqeedo solution Power supply Power supply Kayak Ultralight 403 C (1 HP) Integrated Li-ion battery Beiboot, Dinghies, Daysailer bis 1,5 t Travel 603 (2 PS) integrierter Li-Ionen Akku Beiboot, Dinghies, Daysailer bis 1,5 t Travel 1103 C (3 PS) integrierter Li-Ionen Akku Motorboats, sailboats up to 4 tons Cruise 2.0 (5 HP) External Power 24-3500 battery or AGM / ... 3 more rows ... Feb 26 2021

⚓ What do you need to know about boat motor repair?

  • Students will learn to disassemble engines in order to make repairs. Rebuilding engine repairs will also be emphasized, including tune-up methods and the proper balancing of rotating elements. Power transmission systems of marine and outdoor products will be explored.

⚓ What do you need to repair a motor boat in ark?

  1. Required level. Level 57.
  2. Engram Points. 45 EP.
  3. Crafting XP. 375 XP.
  4. Crafting time. 15s.
  5. Prerequisites. Wooden Raft. Electrical Generator. Metal Foundation.
  6. Fabricator. Tek Replicator.
  7. Required stations. Refining Forge.

⚓ What happens when you store an aluminum jon boat?

  • Over the winter, or over the period of time that you are storing the boat, this also happens with the temperature fluctuations. Small cracks can become larger cracks so make sure that all cracks are properly repaired before storage. Aluminum jon boats also expand and contract with changing temperatures but not that much.

⚓ What is a good size motor for a 12 foot jon boat?

12 foot – 10 – 15 hp motor. 14 foot -15 hp motor. 16 foot – 15 – 20 hp motor. 18 foot – 18 – 20 hp motor.

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To ensure your Jon boat has the needed thrust to provide you with power and speed it is recommend you use a motor with 5 lb of thrust for every 200 lb gross boat weight. Important word about shaft length. When choosing the correct motor for a Jon boat it should not just be about the size of the engine. Shaft length plays an important role as well.

If your Jon boat is fitted with a trolling motor then it will fall under the legislation for motorized vessels. If your Jon is powered by oars, paddle or pole then it will fall under non-motorized vessels. Be aware that some larger Jon boats 16’+ may be subject to registration and titling due to their length even if they have no outboard motor.

Any jon boat equipped with a gasoline motor, or in some cases electrical components, is required to carry a functioning fire extinguisher. As you can imagine fire can be a boater’s worse nightmare as even a minor blaze can cause you to abandon you boat.

The recommended size for most Jon Boats is a 4 to 6 hp motor. This amount of horsepower will typically provide 40 to 60 lbs of thrust. Other Recommended Outboards

But if you want your Jon boat to move fast, you are not going to do that with water paddles. What you need is a trolling motor, which is capable of speeds that you cannot achieve with paddles. Trolling motors come in varying styles and sizes. The most common styles are transom and bow motors.

So if your boat is 2,500lbs fully-loaded, you’re going to need a motor with a minimum of 50 lbs of thrust. As you can imagine, it get’s tricky trying to weigh everything up. Another way you can calculate the minimum amount of thrust is by the length of the boat. A 12ft Jon boat will require 30lbs of thrust, a 14ft boat 32lbs and a 17ft needs 50lb of thrust.

if the boat is rated for 40 hp you can use a 40hp propped motor. but with a jet you can use a larger power head, with the jet drive. but you also have to consider the extra weight on the stern from the jet drive motor.

If you equip your boat with too much horsepower, you'll end up tipping the hull to the sky and sinking motor-first. But you don't have to equip your boat with as much horsepower as it can handle either. If you're using your boat to maneuver down shallow streams, into weed-filled coves, or simply to maneuver to a peaceful spot where you plan to anchor, a high horsepower motor just isn't necessary. Choosing a Horsepower

However, some boats are at higher risk. For example, smaller jon boats and bass boats generally have higher motor-to-boat ratios (heavy engine, light boat). Therefore, they more susceptible to transom damage. Also, aluminum boats are at higher risk of broken welds and popped rivets than reinforced fiberglass transoms.

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What is a good size motor for a 14 foot jon boat?

Typical horsepower for a 14-foot jon boat would be between 15 HP and 20 HP although up to 25 HP is not uncommon either. 20 HP can comfortably give you a top speed of 20mph, potentially even stretching to 25mph depending on weather conditions and the weight on the boat.

What is the biggest motor you can put on a 14ft jon boat?

14 foot Jon Boats average a maximum horsepower of 15-20hp but some will fall outside of that range based on the specific boat.

What kind of motor do you need for a rc boat?
  • There are at least two options as far as motor mount: Build your own from balsa, styrene, popsicle sticks or other material at hand Buy the Crest or Aristo-Craft motor that come with a simple sheet metal motor mount
What size motor should i put on my jon boat?

The recommended size for most Jon Boats is a 4 to 6 hp motor. This amount of horsepower will typically provide 40 to 60 lbs of thrust.

What size trolling motor do you need for a 22 foot pontoon boat?

So a typical 22′ pontoon boat loaded with gas and gear and a couple people will be around 3,000 pounds, which after the formula would mean you need a 60-pound thrust trolling motor.

Will a trolling motor push a jon boat?

You may be able to use a larger trolling motor with a Jon or inflatable boat than you could with a kayak or canoe… Again, make sure you're aware of the water level and current before using any trolling motor in a river.