How are deep sea vents teeming with life?

Gracie Green asked a question: How are deep sea vents teeming with life?
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But around hydrothermal vents, life is abundant because food is abundant. Hot, mineral-rich fluids supply nutrient chemicals. Microbes, some of which eat these chemicals, form the base of the food chain for a diverse community of organisms.


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While a deep V boat can't take you as far into shallow waters or stay as stable in calm waters as a flat bottom boat, they deal with choppy water far better that their flat bottomed cousins. In addition to having what it takes to brave choppy waters, a deep V boat will keep you much drier.

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'Dead' Deep Sea Vents Teem with Life A chunk of rock where the microbes were found. (Image credit: WHOI, Katrina Edwards.) Volcanic seafloor vents that roar with the scalding heat of Earth's...

How are deep sea vents teeming with life? Hydrothermal vents support unique ecosystems and their communities of organisms in the deep ocean. They help regulate ocean chemistry and circulation. They also provide a laboratory in which scientists can study changes to the ocean and how life on Earth could have begun.

Life is found near deep ocean vents 1977 In 1977 scientists discovered that at the deepest parts of the ocean, which people had long imagined to be dark, cold, and lifeless, was a strange...

When all these marine plants and animals die, they sink to the bottom. This organic material rains down to feed bottom-dwelling (or “benthic”) animals. Occasionally, the carcass of a dead whale might sink down to provide a feast! Scientists had thought this was the only way life could survive on the deep seafloor.

Hot, mineral-rich fluids supply nutrient chemicals. These vents are the only places on Earth where the ultimate source of energy for life is not sunlight but the inorganic Earth itself. How are deep sea vents teeming with life? Hydrothermal vents support unique ecosystems and their communities of organisms in the deep ocean.

A new study from the University College London (UCL) suggests that life on Earth may have developed from the odd chemistry surrounding deep sea vents. This finding could also offer a new look at...

Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents. Throughout the oceans of the world there exist undersea mountain ranges, which have formed as result of volcanic activity. These are formally known as rift zones – where the movement of tectonic plates is tearing the earth’s crust apart. As the oceanic crust stretches, it thins and is cracked by giant fissures.

The deep sea is one of the least understood places on Earth. Among its oddities are hydrothermal vents, cracks in the seafloor that pump out scaldingly hot water and form massive chimneys teeming...

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Oceans are an important source of food. They host 80 percent of the planet's biodiversity, and are the largest ecosystem on Earth. Fish provide 20 percent of animal protein to about 3 billion people… Oceans regulate our climate.

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Route your anchor line on the outside of the boat, bow to stern, to avoid catching the rode on anything. Power into deeper water and turn the boat toward shore. Considering that your boat will end up closer to shore in about waist-deep water, plan your scope so that your anchor will set well.

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Fill any deep gouges and spend your time sanding out scratches while the filler sets up. Apply gel coat to the filled gouges and finish to the scratches and then final-sand the filled gouges. Buff all the repaired areas and then the rest of the boat. Apply any graphics to finish up.

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  1. Eat Eco-Friendly Fish…
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  4. Be Energy-Efficient…
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  2. Make Safe, Sustainable Seafood Choices…
  3. Use Fewer Plastic Products…
  4. Help Take Care of the Beach…
  5. Don't Purchase Items That Exploit Marine Life…
  6. Be an Ocean-Friendly Pet Owner…
  7. Support Organizations Working to Protect the Ocean.
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Pollution does not only affect marine life and their environment, it also affects mankind… If humans are exposed to these toxic chemicals for long periods of time, then this can result in dangerous health problems, which include hormonal issues, reproductive issues, and damage to our nervous systems and kidneys.

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It is estimated that up to 13 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year—the equivalent of a rubbish or garbage truck load's worth every minute. Fish, seabirds, sea turtles, and marine mammals can become entangled in or ingest plastic debris, causing suffocation, starvation, and drowning.