How big is a hardin marine oil cooler?

Imani Hyatt asked a question: How big is a hardin marine oil cooler?
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  • Hardin Marine's hi-performance 3" diameter oil coolers are designed for engines making 450 horsepower and above. Note that these units have seventy-six 1/4" seamless tubes - over double that of a 2" oil cooler. These coolers incorporate cast end caps, NO cheap press-formed caps are used. Their operating pressure is up to 150 PSI.


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  • The multi-pass cupronickel core has been known to dissipate heat up to 20% faster than traditional copper style cooler cores. This cooler is 3" in diameter and 19-1/2" long. It features 3/4" NPT oil ports and 1" NPT water ports.

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  • FACT:Chroming of any cooler reduces its cooling capacity by as much as 40% so always paint or coat your cooler for best results. Don't risk your engine life to a poorly constructed cooler, it's what's inside that counts - demand Hardin Marine coolers. Click on the part number to check pricing or place an order.

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Oil Cooler - 2" Diameter, 9" Overall Length, 1-1/4" Hose Connection. 3/8" NPT oil connections; 1/8" NPT drain; Operating pressure of up to 150 PSI. Replaces Mr Cool MRC205EE-05, Seakamp 25134, R&D Enterprises RD205EE-05, Sen-Dure 1125-12-S; This cooler features thirty-one 1/4" cooling tubes with displacement baffles.

Hardin Marine's hi-performance 3" diameter oil coolers are designed for engines making 450 horsepower and above. Note that these units have seventy-six 1/4" seamless tubes - over double that of a 2" oil cooler. These coolers incorporate cast end caps, NOcheap press-formed caps are used. Their operating pressure is up to 150 PSI.

3" x 16" Oil Cooler with choice of Polished or Black Anodized Brackets. 8' of Push-Loc Hose included. Includes 625-7704 Thermostatically Controlled Engine Block Adapter. Includes 4 Straight and 4 90 Degree Fittings for installation. Includes XRP Push-on Ensure Clamps that are self tensioning for severe race and high temp applications.

Oil Cooler (Transmission) 575 GM 540 V-8 1986-1992 - Serial 0A677429 Thru 0D763716 - Oil Cooler (Transmission)

After testing the Hardin 15 plate oil cooler they found out that not only were they able to reduce the oil temperature by an additional 20 degrees over the OEM Lycoming cooler but they reduced the cost of the aircraft style replacement oil coolers that sell new for a whopping $11,000.

Designed to clear most front style engine mounts including MerCruiser. A simple comparison of available marine oil pans clearly points out Hardin Marine oil pans are boat lengths ahead of all other oil pans. Run what leading racers worldwide already use - the Hardin Marine "XS" Xtreme Series offshore oil pan. Large 12 Quart capacity

This Hardin Marine Designed engine oil adapter is the preferred choice of respected engine builders worldwide. Manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, these adapters provide large 3/4" NPT horizontal side inlets and outlets while providing easy access for leak-proof operation.

“Hurricane Lite" HP525 / 600 / 700 Swept Header with Hardin Marine Flange (Header Only, No Tailpipes) Hardin Marine is proud to introduce our new Hurricane Lite Headers. Featuring the same quality design and sleek looks of their big tube counterparts, the Hurricane Lite Headers are designed to replace standard HP500, 600, and 700 Headers.

Coolers by Size. Updated by Brandon F. on June 25, 2020. In a hurry and just want to look up a specific cooler’s dimensions and/or storage capacity? Check out our Cooler Dimensions and Capacity Spreadsheet! One of the most important criteria that people look for when shopping for a cooler is its storage size.

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A marine engine oil has to resist shear, moisture and corrosion more than an automotive engine oil, and has to have extremely strong film strength to protect engine parts under constant stress and load… Automotive engine oils have a pretty easy job compared to marine engine oils.

What kind of oil cooler does a marine engine use?
  • One, the engine OEM’s typically use the cheapest cooler that barely meets the specifications needed, and two, most companies supply a transmission that is marginally rated for the application and then size the cooler for that smaller marine gear.
What kind of oil cooler does a marine transmission use?
  • Marine Transmission Oil Coolers Overview. Constructed from a quality CU-NI (copper-nickel) alloy on the salt water side, all furnaced brazed using silver alloy solders designed for “High-Pressure” , usually called “Class II” with operating pressures of 300-500 PSI even if the transmission has lower operating pressures.
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  • Generally, when looking for a marine transmission oil cooler, it must meet or exceed the requirements that you need AND both Twin Disc & ZF specifications. In other words, a GOOD marine transmission cooler will have, at least, the following qualities:
Why choose hardin marine to calibrate your mercury ecu?
  • Hardin Marine can recalibrate your Mercury ECU (computer) to yield the very most of your engines power The ECU precisely controls fuel requirements, detonation control, idle speed and RPM limitations We have dyno-tested multiple combinations and know what works!