How did old sailing ships repair leaks?

Albin Swift asked a question: How did old sailing ships repair leaks?
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What is the most difficult part of a boat to repair?

  • Of course, the granddaddy of all leaks is the leaky hull-to-deck join, which is usually the most difficult of all to repair. I've seen numerous boats where the deck joint leaks so bad that either the boat is uninhabitable, or the boat has become severely damaged as a result of rotting internal plywood structures, wet bedding and the like.

Wooden sailing ships had carpenter walks around the hills where the carpenters could access shot holes under water. Supplied with cone shaped plugs of various sizes which could be hammered into shot holes, he and his mates would make quick repairs. Damaged stakes would then be reinforced with baulks of wood.

  • The use of Tar, and Oakum, (essentially unraveled old ropes covered in tar/oil) driven into the seams dry, which then soaked up the intruding water, and swelled up, thus sealing (kind of) the gap between the planks has been used for centuries to seal wooden ship hulls. How did the Vikings seal their boats?


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They DID leak - The bilges were pumped each shift for a 1/2 hour or so, depending on how old the ship was and how much it had settled and moved over time. When the hull was really working (a storm or after running aground) they may need to be manned continuously.

If this worked, then oakum - scraps of old rope that was too worn for use - was pounded into the loosened seams, This sort of repair could be made in the middle of battle, adding to the sense of chaos. Another action to keep the ship afloat was to position a canvas sling around the outside of the ship, covering the damage like a large bandage.

After the water rises high enough to cover a leak, the rate of inflow is reduced; equilibrium is reached, and the ship often won’t go down much further, making it possible for the crew to pump and plug the leak. With usually one or two “heads” aboard a ship, and sometimes hundreds of sailors, many sailors used the bilge as a latrine.

This article deals primarily with sailboat leak problems. However, the principles and methods discussed here apply equally well to power boats. It's a fact of life that boats leak. It's also true that as boats age, leaks tend to increase for he simple reason that sailing yachts are under a lot of stress. And in these times when builders emphasize speed and light weight, the problems with leaks ...

The main purpose of the pumps was pumping out seawater that had leaked into the ship: ships always leak. Drinking water was stored in barrels that were brought on board ship full, either at dockside or by being hoisted out of boats. Yes, they were stored low in the ship. A barrel was brought up for use by being hoisted out of the hold.

Between 1600 and to early 1800s, naval technology didn't change much, so we can speak generally about ships of that whole era. How long repairs would take depends on the skill of the people, availability of manpower, availability of tools and material, and availability of suitable dry dock facilities.

Shipworms dug into the hulls of ships and turned them into honeycombs, so riddled with holes that they could be torn apart by a man’s hands. A ship riddled with these creatures was a floating coffin, constantly leaking, delicate enough to break apart at the slightest stress from wind or water.

Just to summarize the excellent answer below: The leeway-preventing function is performed by the hull; modern sailboats need those modern fin keels because there is much less hull in the water. The stability function of the keel is achieved by loading ballast and heavy cargo low in the ships’ hull.

Virtually impossible. Each voyage, of around two years, was a separate venture with financing prescribed, reward sharing preordained and crews contracted for the single voyage. There would have been no infrastructure to resupply. If the Royal Navy...

As said above to fix the leaks you must remove the ports and clean away any old sealant or caulk. Butyl tape will make a good gasket but it is a pain to work with as it stretches so easy. Do not buy the black butyl tape as it will stain your boat. Try and buy the widest tape you can find as it will help seal the edges of the window frames.

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Design. In sailing ships, the toilet was placed in the bow somewhat above the water line with vents or slots cut near the floor level allowing normal wave action to wash out the facility. Only the captain had a private toilet near his quarters, at the stern of the ship in the quarter gallery.