How do submarines not hit anything?

Dereck Will asked a question: How do submarines not hit anything?
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How do submarines dive and surface?

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Below periscope depth submarines effectively run blind. They rely on 3D gyroscopes that sense acceleration and direction to compute position. This inertial navigation system needs to be calibrated regularly by surfacing for a satellite or visual fix.


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Why depth charges don't have to touch a submarine to sink it

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When a sub isn't hiding and its scanning the ping or pulse will drive away nearly anything alive. Sharks will attack subs. Bigger things have their brain half fried so they swim away. Navel sonar systems are destroying whales etc as they become more powerful.

In general submarines prefer to stay far far away from the ocean floor. Tides typically cause a change in ocean depth of about 1 or 2 meters and so are mostly negligible. No submarine commander wants to be so close to the bottom that they have to worry about the meter difference between high and low tide.

There are basically two kinds of sonar, active and passive. Using active sonar has the drawback of identifying exactly where you are when you decide to try and ‘ping’ a target. Passive sonar lets you ‘hear’ engine noises and a huge variety of dist...

Submarine navigation underwater requires special skills and technologies not needed by surface ships. The challenges of underwater navigation have become more important as submarines spend more time underwater, travelling greater distances and at higher speed. Military submarines travel underwater in an environment of total darkness with neither windows nor lights. Operating in stealth mode, they cannot use their active sonar systems to ping ahead for underwater hazards such as undersea mountain

It is possible for the firing platform—the submarine that fired the torpedo—to enter the kill box during a torpedo attack. If not shut down, the torpedo would consider it a valid target.

It works like this: when the submarine is above the surface of the water, the ballast tanks are filled with air, which means that the overall density of the submarine is less than the water it displaces. However, when the submarine needs to dive, it releases a vent in the ballast tanks that causes the surrounding water to rush in.

On 26 May 2008, the Royal Navy's Swiftsure-class submarine, HMS Superb hit an underwater rock pinnacle in the northern Red Sea, 80 miles (130 km) south of Suez, causing damage to sonar equipment. The submarine was decommissioned slightly earlier than planned as a result of the damage. Russian K-152 Nerpa gas leak

"Submarines are loud – people think they are very quiet and it’s true they are on the outside because the sound doesn’t get out. But inside you hear fans, noise - it’s a constant din on a sub.

When the submarine surfaces, compressed air flows from the air flasks into the ballast tanks and the water is forced out of the submarine until its overall density is less than the surrounding water (positive buoyancy) and the submarine rises. The hydroplanes are angled so that water moves up over the stern, which forces the stern downward; therefore, the submarine is angled upward.

If the ping bounces back, that means it hit an object—like a whale, a ship, or another submarine. But stealth subs often avoid active sonar, since the ping could give away their location.

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