How do you seal a leaky boat rivet?

Destin Zboncak asked a question: How do you seal a leaky boat rivet?
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After the area around the leaky rivets is cleaned and well scuffed, heat the area with a propane torch to drive off moisture and warm the metal. Then fill around the rivets with G/flex 650 Epoxy. Apply heat with a heat gun until the epoxy has gelled.


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Fill the boat with water and mark any leaking rivets. Empty the boat. Mix the hardener and resin of an epoxy sealing compound, such as West System's GFlex 650, according to the compound's directions. Heat the seamed area and rivets with a propane torch to dry the seam.

Check marine supply houses and sheet metal vendors. To remove an old rivet, file or grind off one head, or drill it out, but don’t enlarge the hole. When seated in its hole, the new rivet’s unpeened (headless) end should protrude by about 2/3 of its diameter. For the best hold, “set” the rivet first, so the metal sheets are in tight contact. Drill a hole just larger than the rivet’s diameter in a hardwood dowel or steel bar. Put the rivet in its hole and your buck against the rivet ...

This video covers 3 rivets and their uses.AND HOW TO REPLACE YOUR BOATS LEAKY RIVETS If you are interested in just solid rivets fast forward about 10 minut...

Wait a couple days, cover the rivet with something like MarineTex putty or Aquamend epoxy, let it set, then coat that putty with more Gluvit. Before touch up paint, wash the repairs with 50/50 vinegar and water and a scotch brite etch. To qualify the above, any chance to repair/replace the leaking rivets is the first method to choose.

Two products that work well for leaky boats are Epoxy Putty Sticks and Marine Adhesive Sealant. The latter is best used for filling in joint seams that have lifted or when sealing transducer holes. Epoxy is an excellent product for rivets, small cracks, or holes. Following the product directions is crucial for best results.

This DIY video shows how to track down and fix leaks with loose or missing rivets in an aluminum boat. After this repair, the boat is leak free and much mor...

You get 2 for about $7 and they will seal over a hundred rivets. Using a propane torch you heat the aluminum and melt the stick over the rivet or crack in a circular rubbing movement. Take away the stick and the heat and you are done. This seals it for good and will not leak or come off. Unless you have a welder for aluminum, this is a fantastic fix.

You can rely on it in terms of sealing leaky rivets and seams in aluminum hulls and takes care of leaks surrounding fiberglass decks or cabins. Its way of filling less serious pinholes and cracks is admirable and it comes with hard protective coating that aid in bridging and sealing hairline cracks.

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  • Tools for Fixing Leaky Boats. Two products that work well for leaky boats are Epoxy Putty Sticks and Marine Adhesive Sealant. The latter is best used for filling in joint seams that have lifted or when sealing transducer holes. Epoxy is an excellent product for rivets, small cracks, or holes.
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