How fast does a 125 hp boat go?

Clarabelle Greenholt asked a question: How fast does a 125 hp boat go?
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Boating tips: how to make your boat go faster

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It will do over 40. should push over 45 mph, depending on gear and how many people you have in the boat.


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  • Blocking on stands in yard (included in bottom paint package) – $100 <40’; 40’ and above $150 *If additional third sling is needed – add $100 (ex. wood boats 36′ and above) Individual blister repair, structural requiring layup- estimated @ $110/hr. Peel bottom, barrier coat and add layer of glass– Starting at $475/ft.

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Prices for boat cleaning services are normally done by the foot. The average cost to detail a boat can range anywhere from $8 to $40 per foot depending on its size and condition.

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On average, a basic outboard motor tune up should be between $80 and $250+ for just the labor, not including the parts. The cost will all depend on the inclusions, who you hire and the type of motor they are working on.

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Yamaha 30 hp on 16 ft jon boat.

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Shaft horsepower is to be the actual uncorrected engine horsepower less drive train losses. Adjustments of -5 to -10% of corrected dyno figures are typical. Optimum Slip Percent (For max top speed) Heavy V bottom: Low drive height, cabin, side by side engines: 225: 10 - 13 %: Fast V bottom: High Drives, boxes, notched transom, good bottom: 250: 8 - 9 %: Catamaran

This is my first light, narrow flat-bottom planing boat and it is a nice experience: smooth transition to plane,goes on up through 10,12,15, 20 mph like a fast electric boat. Engine (Yamaha 40 2-stroke) is quiet enough at these speeds for conversation.

15mph-30mph. 35 mph. Cruiser. 16mph-30mph. 50 mph. 317.6mph (511 km/h) was the fastest boat speed ever recorded. Back in 1978, a speedboat used a jet engine (instead of a propellor) to power the boat. In decades past, cigarette boats or rum-runners were motorboats designed for fast travel.

Cracker Box: The engine is a converted auto engine; 350 cu. in. Chevy with modifications that generate about 400 hp. The boat goes 78 mph with a 2 blade Menkens steel prop (11 3/4″x17). Ted Glowa. DELTA Q. Delta Q – built by Gordon Haslam, Portland, OR, 85 hp Merc – 20 mph. DOUBLE EAGLE

Under perfect, ideal conditions and only one person in the boat, it can hit 31 mph (48 kmph) 21′ with lifting strakes and a 90hp engine and perfect conditions gets 36 mph (58 kilometers) 18′ Bass Buggy with 60hp engine can go up to 18mph (29 kilometers) Suntracker 22′ with a 70hp engine can get 21 mph with a light load (34 kilometers)

Re: how fast does your outboard-powered boat run? 1979 Checkmate Eluder, 1990 Johnson 200. 62 mph at 6000 rpm. Based on information from other owners I should be able to get close to 70 with some more tweaking and a different prop. 1981 Bomber 15 ft fish-n-ski (fiberglass). 1981 Johnson 90. 43 mph at 5800 rpm.

This step-by-step calculator will help you work out your maximum boat horsepower. STEP ONE: Work Out Your Factor First, you need to workout your FACTOR, this is calculated using boat length and transom width.

Hurricane deck boat 2096 - 2000: 2001 Mercury 125 2 Stroke: 5.0 @ 35 MPH: 45 MPH: 3 blade: Flow Meter / Fuel Mgmt: Hydra sport Seahorse - 2016: 2008 Suzuki 250 4 Stroke: 1.5 @ 30 MPH: 45 MPH: Suzuki 3 25 pitch : Flow Meter / Fuel Mgmt: hydra sport 30 vx - 2012 (2) 2012 yamaha f 300 4 Stroke: 2.0 @ 30 MPH: 30 MPH: 4/17: Estimated: Hydra sport Vector walk around - 2001

Here I show you exactly how fast a 5 hp mercury out board will move a 12 foot Jon boat..!! #mercury #jonboat #how fast #fishing

Boats in this size range with 115-hp to 150-hp engines typically have their best planing fuel economy in the 23-mph to 28-mph range with these size engines and have a WOT in the high 30s or mid-40 mph range. Before moving up into the large outboard engines, make sure that you really need that much horsepower.

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Running your outboard boat motor on land