How long can a marine battery sit before it dies?

Oren Gutmann asked a question: How long can a marine battery sit before it dies?
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Most marine batteries last anywhere from 2 to 5 years depending on the level of care you give them. Most batteries come with a one year warranty, but more expensive batteries might come with up to three years of warranty.


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What should i do if my marine battery comes loose?
  • You don’t want the battery banging around in rough water. Frequently check the battery terminal connections to make sure they are snug and free of corrosion. Replace the wing nuts often found on marine batteries with nylon locking nuts, which are much less likely to come loose.
What should i look for in a deep cycle marine battery?

Batteries are rated in three different ways: their ampere hour rating, reserve capacity, and marine cranking amps. When shopping for a deep cycle battery, you'll want to pay the most attention to the ampere hour rating and reserve capacity. For starting batteries, focus primarily on the marine cranking amps.