How long should you stay in the dead sea?

Travis Shields asked a question: How long should you stay in the dead sea?
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Iphone 7 in salty dead sea for 24 hours - will it survive?

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Don't stay in the water longer than 10-15 minutes. Because of the salts and minerals, your skin will get very soft and you can get cut on the crystals easily. It can also be an overwhelming experience for your body as a whole. You can get out and go back in but each time should not be longer than 10-15 minutes.


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  • Helps improve psoriasis. Dead Sea mud can be applied as a compress to psoriasis flares…
  • Reduces skin impurities…
  • Provides relief for arthritis…
  • Helps soothe chronic back pain…
  • Helps treat acne.

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The Sargasso Sea (/sɑːrˈɡæsoʊ/) is a region of the Atlantic Ocean bounded by four currents forming an ocean gyre. Unlike all other regions called seas, it has no land boundaries. It is distinguished from other parts of the Atlantic Ocean by its characteristic brown Sargassum seaweed and often calm blue water.

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The Drake Passage near Antarctica

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- The Blue Whale is one of the largest, and "strongest" vertebrate animals of all time.

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Floating in the dead sea! unreal experience

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In addition, the anoxic nature of the Black Seawater, due to which the process of decomposition is slow in the lower water layers, has also resulted in several scary rumours, making the sea infamous. However, as time passed, the image of the Black Sea, as one of the most difficult water bodies to navigate, has changed.

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