How long will a pvc boat last?

Jess Haley asked a question: How long will a pvc boat last?
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Summary: PVC inflatable boats will last anywhere between 2-10 years depending on the manufacturer, the use, and care it receives. Welded PVC boat will outlast those made with glues/adhesives. Hypalon (CSM) boats usually last 7-15 years, but can last as many as 20 years.


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Summary: PVC inflatable boats will last anywhere between 2-10 years depending on the manufacturer, the use, and care it receives Welded PVC boat will outlast those made with glues/adhesives Hypalon (CSM) boats usually last 7-15 years, but can last as many as 20 years

A PVC boat will not last more than 2 years if used in a place with lots of sunlight and left uncovered. If you live in tropical climates like Florida, I would not recommend you spend much money on a PVC dinghy.

PVC boats that live in the tropics and are not kept covered could be beyond repair in as little as 5 years! For Hypalon or glued PVC boats the age of the glue is a concern. Glue greater than 20 years of age is at risk of failure. Higher quality boats tend to use better glue which lasts longer.

If possible, deflate the boat, clean it and store it in its carry bag. If the boat is constantly dragged behind your sailboat, left year round on a dock, or left dirty and directly under harmful UV-rays, you can’t expect it to last forever. If you use a boat cover, or at least cover boat with a piece of tarp, your boat will last much longer.

CSM will last for a long time with basic care—up to 20 years. PVC is less expensive and lighter, more abrasion-resistant but not as resistant to UV and chemicals, and not as long-lived as CSM. It still makes a pretty good inflatable, though. Tough Boats Need Love, Too

With proper care PVC can last many seasons, the only advantage to hypalon is its' resistance to UV abc's. Both materials are vulnerable to pinholes, leaks or tears. I've had my Titan PVC for five years now and only suffer a pinhole leak that I have yet to find.

As one of the most-used plumbing materials, PVC pipe is known for being very durable and long-lasting. In fact, PVC pipes last approximately 100 years. Of course, there are various factors that determine just how long specific PVC pipes will survive, including what it’s exposed to and how it’s installed.

PVC has come a long way but of note the "V" aspect or vinyl is the same stuff as old records and will last over 100 years.

How long your inflatable boat will last depends on how well you look after your boat and the material it is made from, no matter the brand. Typically Hypalon boats will last longer than PVC inflatable boats, as the fabric is much tougher and more UV resistant. Of course, Hypalon boats come with a much higher price tag…

Lol - I can relate to a heart's stage fright. I was having between 5-10,000 PVC's a day for awhile, then I get a 48 hour Holter strapped on, and there were 6 or 7 PVC's the whole time. Comment. kane3. My PVC's have been costantly straight for since Dec 15th/08. Usually averaging around 1500-3000+plus a day.

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