How low do bass boats sit in the water?

Vilma McGlynn asked a question: How low do bass boats sit in the water?
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How deep does it have to be to run a bass boat? You typically need at least 1 to 3 feet of water to run a bass boat. When running your boat into water this shallow, it is extremely important that you take it slow and easy.


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Both boats are about the same size, but the newer Renegade, unlike the old one, seems to sit very low in the water. When I put my chubby butt (245 lbs) on the front platform I have about 14" of freeboard above water. This concerns me as I sometimes fish lakes that are pretty rough. I took it out on calm water today and was concerned when ...

Re: How should boat sit in the water? Those old motors were heavy, so it's probably normal for the boat to sit low in the stern. The aluminum boat is not heavy enough to offset the motor to any great degree. The anti-ventilation plate should be roughly at or just below the bottom of the boat.

I have a 20 ft Key West walk around cabin. powered by 150 Ocean Pro. Boat and motor are 1995. The problem is that the boat sits too low in the water . The scuppers are about 2 inches below the water line. I have plugged them. Boat is in a slip this year. Bottom was painted with black bottom...

The 14'6'', 16 and 17 haines all sit low inthe water. There is always a trade off for performance. The 14'6'' (or later the 445) and the 17 are the same width. The 16 is norrower than the other 2 and with the v6 on the back will sit quite low. Depends on what you are using it for will depend on if it is a problem to you (enclosed or open water).

I have 115 hp jet drive motor on a 20/72 boat, I want to make it plain out faster is my problem, my boat only seats in the water about 8 inches, maybe.. What really hurts is its got a 65 gallon live well in the back of it and if I fill it full it wont plain out at all . I have to let about half the water out.. Any body got any ideas on that ????

The water traffic included small john boats, family runabouts, boats pulling water skiers, canoes, and conventional deep-hull boats. Every now and then we would hear the whine of a bass boat ...

2. When idling through very shallow water, don’t trim the outdrive up as far as possible. Do so, and if you run aground you’re out of options. Leave it a couple inches down, however, and if you run aground you can tilt it up that last little bit and still have the ability to back off and seek a deeper path. 3.

The prop on my pontoon boat is typical in that it sits approximately 4″ lower than the pontoons, so realistically the boat will run easily with at least 12″ (1 foot) of water under the tubes, as long as there are no obstructions in the water or submerged hazards.

6 Popular Low-Draft Boats for Shallow Water (With Pictures) Boating / By Morten Storgaard / February 3, 2020 February 10, 2021 Low draft boats are great for people looking to fish in shallow waters, cruise through back bay channels, and hit the sand bars.

Lowe is a household name in the bass boating world and is well-known for its wide range of affordable bass boats. The Skorpion 17 is perfect for any budget-conscious angler looking for a low-maintenance, dependable, and rugged craft.

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