How many cabins does turama yacht have?

Sedrick Boyer asked a question: How many cabins does turama yacht have?
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  • Previously named Sally Caravelle, Turama's interior configuration has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 70 guests overnight in 43 cabins, 17 double cabins, 10 twin cabins and 16 single cabins. She is also capable of carrying up to 58 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.


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⚓ What does it mean to have a super yacht?

  • So outlay and running costs can vary significantly. A super yacht describes a personal boat that is both larger and more extravagant than typical private yachts. These are a luxury item that belongs to those ultra-high-net-worth individuals who can afford them.

⚓ What kind of bedroom does a mega yacht have?

  • Bow situated bedroom. Spacious stateroom on luxury mega yacht. Small stateroom with wood panelling, blue accent wall and carpet flooring. Luxurious stateroom with glossy sheen wood panelling and an en suite. Bow situated bedroom with double windows and recessed lighting.

⚓ What kind of engine does a focus yacht have?

  • FOCUS is a 46.73 m Motor Yacht, built in Italy by North American Yachts & Shipbuilders and delivered in 2002. She is the only Genesis 153 model. Her top speed is 21.0 kn, her cruising speed is 18.0 kn, and she boasts a maximum cruising range of 4000.0 nm at 14.0 kn, with power coming from two Caterpillar diesel engines.

⚓ What kind of engine does a lexus yacht have?

  • Power is provided by two marine-specification versions of the 5.0-litre Lexus V8 engine, seen in the RC F coupé and GS F saloon performance models and the new LC 500 coupé. The concept yacht was engineered by Toyota’s Marine Division and a single, working proof-of-concept was built also in partnership with the Marquis-Larson Boat Group.

⚓ What kind of engine does a mega yacht have?

  • Superyachts and mega yachts can be powered by various custom-built propulsion systems, ranging from diesel/electric engines to gas turbine engines, although they are most commonly powered by marine diesel engines. The world's largest marine diesel engine is the Wartsila Sulzer propulsion engine which outputs over 113,000 horsepower!

⚓ What kind of engine does a sailing yacht have?

  • Many "pure" sailing yachts are also equipped with a low-power internal-combustion engine for use in conditions of calm and when entering or leaving difficult anchorages. Vessels less than 7 metres (23 ft) in length generally carry a petrol outboard-motor of between 3.5 and 30 kilowatts (5 and 40 hp).

⚓ What kind of engine does a tiara yacht have?

  • Higher performance models now listed have motors up to 1,936 horsepower, while lighter-weight more functional models may have as little as 286 horsepower engines (although the average engine size is 770 HP). What kind of boats does Tiara Yachts build?

⚓ What kind of engine does a viking yacht have?

  • A pair of state-of-the-art Caterpillar C32A (1925MHP) engines are mounted in Viking's expertly engineered and constructed engineroom, which is also equipped with a Seakeeper gyro SK 35, twin 55 kW gensets and an ASEA transformer. The powerplants team up with a bow and stern thruster and are tied into ZF's JMS with joystick and station keeping.

⚓ What kind of gear does a transatlantic yacht have?

  • Time was when a proper offshore cruising yacht had chines, a ketch rig and self-steering gear at the stern. That was a perception, and perceptions change. Numerically, the most common transatlantic yachts these days are ordinary production cruisers with standard kit.

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  • Offering comfort and facilities at the highest levels, superyacht TURAMA has become the ultimate choice for corporate and entertainment charters. The 383.86ft Conversion motor yacht motor yacht 'Turama' was built by Rauma Shipyard in Finland at their Rauma shipyard , she was delivered to her owner in 1990 and last refitted in 2004.
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