How many hours on a marine diesel before rebuild?

Keyshawn Anderson asked a question: How many hours on a marine diesel before rebuild?
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The average life expectancy of a marine diesel engine is 5,000 hours before it needs a major overhaul. In comparison, the average marine gasoline engine typically runs for only 1,500 hours. It's clear marine diesel engines are more reliable and tolerate more usage.


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⚓ Is there a 12 hour marine diesel course?

  • MARINE DIESEL BASICS This 12-hour class is designed to benefit both recreational boaters and professional mariners who operate vessels equipped with diesel engines. The course covers all types of diesel engines and is not brand specific.

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  • Soundings magazine and Active Interest Media are launching the first in a series of online boating education courses. Beginning in July, Boaters University will launch its first course “Maintaining and Troubleshooting Marine Diesel Engines.” Early-bird registration is available now for the course, offering a $50 discount now through July 15.

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  • We can come to you with our mobile service and provide Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance in Charleston. Come to us by water anytime. You can come to us by water to receive service.

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  • Both Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Service provide top quality service, sales and parts for the marine diesel engine industry. For over 20 years, we have offered industry-leading expertise. Each member of our Fort Lauderdale and Punta Gorda teams is experienced, highly trained and take pride in everything that they do.

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  • Tri-County Diesel Marine Yes, we can help. Tri-County Diesel Marine provides authorized sales service and parts for marine and industrial projects in the Bellingham, WA area and beyond. We specialize in top brands for marine engine propulsion and power generation as well as land-based power generation.

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  • Although this course is not designed to turn boat owners into expert mechanics, graduates gain a working knowledge of marine diesels, and the confidence to know when an experienced mechanic is needed. They are also better equipped to communicate with industry professionals. Topics:

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  • Topics: This 2-day course is designed for graduates of the Marine Diesel Basics class looking for further instruction in troubleshooting marine diesel engine failures and marine diesel maintenance and repair. Participants receive both demonstration and hands-on training on working diesel engines.

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