How much does dockwise yacht transport cost?

Art Schulist asked a question: How much does dockwise yacht transport cost?
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The cost of shipping a 120-foot yacht would be about $175,000, according to Dockwise. Dockwise shipped about 600 boats last year and expects similar numbers this year.

How big is the largest yacht Dockwise has shipped?

  • The largest yacht Dockwise has shipped was over 200-feet long. But many of the boats it carries are smaller sailboats, sport-fishing boats and leisure cruisers. The Yacht Express and other yacht-carriers are semi-submersible, which means the ship's cargo bay fills with water to allow the boats to pull into the ship.

How much does it cost to transport a yacht?

  • HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO TRANSPORT A YACHT? The average cost to transport a yacht is around $1,000 for longer hauls and $500 for shorter distance transport. Whether you are shipping to another country, to another state, or just to a domestic port, large shipments can end up costing you a lot of money and time.


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  • I would highly recommend Yacht Trucking to anyone shipping their yacht across the Atlantic or the World and will use them again when the need arises. Affordable and safe Florida Boat Transport requires experience with the States DOT, highways and marinas.

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  • Definition of Yacht Certification. Yacht Certification is provided by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to confirm that a particular boat model has been manufactured to meet all ABYC standards of safety, design, and construction. The manufacturer must undergo an annual inspection to maintain certification.

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  • The person responsible for this area was called a chandler. In more modern times a chandler is known to be someone who sells candles, however these days the term is more commonly associated with the marine industry selling boat, yacht and sailing parts and spares.

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  • A cradle is necessary for transportation if your boat does not have a trailer. A cradle is essential for the secure and safe handling of your boat during its shipping journey. We provide custom cradles, whether steel and/or wood per boat specifications, throughout the world.

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What is the safest way to transport my yacht?
  • Our unique float-on, float-off system is viewed as the safest and most efficient way to transport your yacht. A concept that all started in1987 with Dockwise Yacht transport, today DYT holds the unique position of being the safest yacht transport provider, transporting thousands of yachts across the Globe each year. Read more.
What methods can i use to transport a 40ft yacht?

What kind of trailer do you need to transport a houseboat?

  • Tractor trailer flatbed rigs that work with manufacturers, dealers, and owners of large houseboats and yachts that need to be transported from the factory to the dealer, or to a marina or similar dockage. Dedicated marine boat haulers who specialize in the transport of large, oversized boats.
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  • Our purpose built, semi-submersible carriers are designed solely for yacht and Superyacht transportation. Our unique float-on, float-off system is viewed as the safest and most efficient way to transport your yacht.