How much does it cost to replace boat stringers?

Maye DuBuque asked a question: How much does it cost to replace boat stringers?
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Plan on anywhere from $5000 to $8000 depending on the shop, amount of work and quality.

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I think your boat is a cuddy. Depending on the amount of damaged deck and how bad the stringers are, it may cost up to 10k to pay someone. you can do it yourself for about $2k in materials. you may need to split the hull and cap. However prior to this, first thing you should do is pull the second deck out and really see what the damage is.

Even though completely replacing stringers is a much bigger job and will more than likely cost you more, it is often the better choice. Sometimes, replacing only a section of a stringer is an option, but again it might be easier and save you in the long run if you do a complete replacement. Repairing the fiberglass skin

Out here in Pennsylvania, for a boat that size it typically costs around $1500 to $2500 +. This also depends on what is needed to be done. Here's an example: Rip the flooring out, only what is bad. This usually is towards the rear of the boat and center if there is a ski locker in the floor.

Most hired-out repairs of any type are roughly 50 percent labor and 50 percent materials. Not so with this fix—hull repairs are all about labor. The repairs on this boat would cost roughly $3,000 at a shop. But the materials only cost about $250 and the buffer about $150!

If the wood is damaged enough that it needs serious repair or even replacement, however, the steps will get more complicated. What’s important to remember is that if you’re going to replace your stringer, you should do so with similar material and dimensions to the original stringer. For example, replace a wood stringer with another stringer made from wood. Failure to do so can upset the balance of the construction itself, which can lead to damage in other areas. In many cases, a ...

Arrest any issues as soon as possible to prevent the dreaded and expensive stringer replacement project. Myth: The wood stringer frames do not have structural responsibility to the boat hull. The wood stringers are merely forms for the laminate. This may well be true on smaller boats (under 35′).

Most homeowners typically spend between $600 and $1,700 when they hire a professional to repair their boat docks. Simple repairs may cost as little as $255 for parts and labor, but more extensive work can cost more than $4,000. The table below shows the average costs for common dock repairs: Repair. Price.

For less than $800 and some work you could completely replace the transom of your boat and be back on the water in no time!

Because the wood in wood cored stringers is structural, any repairs you make to it have to be joined with a proper scarf. If you are replacing a section of plywood stringer, use a minimum of an 8-to-1 scarf bevel. For a ¾”-thick piece of plywood this equates to a 6″ long bevel.

The price of reupholstering boat seats will depend on the material/fabric being utilized, the number of seats, where you live, and the company or professional employed for the task. In general, the cost per seat cushion is typically around $100 to $300+ .

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