How much does it cost to upgrade your ship class in no man's sky?

Ursula O'Conner asked a question: How much does it cost to upgrade your ship class in no man's sky?
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Upgrading ship class costs Nanite Clusters, with the amount required increasing with the tier of the class you are upgrading to. Upgrading ship inventory slots currently costs Units. The amount of Units increases with each upgrade slot purchased for a ship, starting from 1M per slot, and up to 300M per slot.


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  • In short, Trade ships for Trade, Industry for Industrial and Combat for Combat and escorting your other ships. If you want to drastically increase your chances of success, you need to ensure your Fleet Level matches the difficulty level of the Expedition.

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It's pretty much what you'd expect, Changes the class and base stats and inventory capacity (Although won't upgrade your size and will only be potential capacity to add going forward, Either way that's random on how many you'll get up to S) #4. ellenjanuary. View Profile View Posts. Apr 21, 2020 @ 3:55pm.

The very costly ship upgrade at the scrapper is made for the player to get rid of his large amounts of credits, the game has a 4+ billion limit, so the player can reduce his credits without using some popular external tools. There is nothing else to spend credits for anyway, except to get a S-Class freighter which also doesn't make a difference.

Upgrading ship class costs Nanite Clusters, with the amount required increasing with the tier of the class you are upgrading to. 10K for upgrade from C to B 25K for upgrade from B to A 50K for upgrade from A to S

The first ship I purchased from another space traveler cost me approximately 700,000 units for an additional slot. The second ship I purchased cost me over 3.4 million units for a total of 24...

Starship types and classes. Before we dive too deeply into upgrading your ship, though, it’s important to know all about the various types of starships available in No Man’s Sky. As it ...

Having a good ship in No Man's Sky is one of the most important aspects of the game. By buying new ships, players can maximize their ability to explore the universe and fight against more technologically advanced enemies.Eventually, players will need to install some upgrades though. Related: Xbox Game Pass Adds No Man's Sky In June & It's Great Timing

The first upgrade you buy will cost 5,000 Units if it's for your standard Exosuit inventory, it appears to double in price each time you buy one, and you can only ever upgrade by one slot at a time.

Th cost of upgrading classes and slots increases as you go: one storage slot may be 1M, the next may be 2, and the next 4, and so on. I believe the next slot (45) for my main ship will cost 60M. The same applies to the nanite cost for upgrading class: C to B will be one price, while B to A is more. A to S is 50k nanites.

These upgrades will let players increase the inventory space for their ships, or upgrade its class completely — though both of these things will cost a significant amount of units.

The prices of ships in No Man's Sky are listed in the Price Catalogue. To purchase a new ship at a trading post or a space station, you may trade-in your current ship as part of the deal. The new ship's value is as shown in the table, and the trade-in value of your current ship is 70% of the value in the table.

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