How much is a super yacht worth?

Pablo Keebler asked a question: How much is a super yacht worth?
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How much it costs to operate a luxury yacht?

  • Luxury Yacht Group provides salary guidelines for a standard boat crew. It prices the captain of a 100-to-160-foot vessel with more than five years of experience at anywhere from $84,000 to $180,000 annually.


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  • But in many ways, she heralded a new era of owning very large boats – one where science and research were every bit as important as luxury finish, spas and swimming pools. Allen himself was said to have commented that his yacht was more of a Land Rover than a Bentley.

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  • Bob and Diane Conconi have owned several yachts, all named Aurora. Their last yacht was a 120ft Nordhavn. While they previously owned 86ft and 62ft versions. Early 2017 Conconi sold his Aurora yacht after a legal battle with the yacht’s builder.

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  • Washington has owned several yachts, all named Attessa. In 1987 his 144ft yacht Attessa (now named Huntress) was used in the movie ‘Overboard’. The movie starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel.

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  • Emily Roebling Cadwalader became the driving force behind the four exceptional yachts constructed for the Cadwaladers, culminating in 1931 with the 446-foot Savarona II .

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Launched as Karenita she is often better known as the actor Errol Flynn's 'Sirocco' (the name he gave here following his previous Sirocco when he bought her in 1938). She hosted many famous personalities in the heyday of Hollywood, and more recently has been the flagship of the fashion clothing company 'Blanc Bleu'.

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  • Monkey Business is an American yacht built for the use of the Turnberry Isle Resort Marina in southern Florida. It is best known for its role in scuttling the campaign of Gary Hart for President of the United States.

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  • His courtroom winnings would bring him to the Heritage in a yacht called Themis that was larger than the Rice Quarters. But at the time, in 1979, Motley needed help with a small law firm in Barnwell that included powerful South Carolina names: Blatt, Ness, Richardson, Loadholt.

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  • This stunning yacht, built by Westport Yachts, was formerly owned by Johnny Carson, a Late Night Show legend. Carson christened the yacht “Serengeti” after his love for the African savannah. She was built in 2002 and renamed Yacht Mary Alice II by her next owner.

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  • Previously known as Vajoliroja, this was once Johnny Depp's yacht and named after a blend of his name and the names of his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis and their two children Lilly-Rose and Jack. The yacht was once again listed for sale in September 2016 with an asking price of €17.5 million and eventually sold in July 2017 to an undisclosed buyer.
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  • In real life, predatory tycoon Jordan Belfort bought a yacht in 1993 called Big Eagle and renamed her Nadine , after his English-born second wife. The vessel had been built in 1961 by Witsen & Vis in Holland for fashion icon Coco Chanel, but had undergone many transformations by the time Belfort got his mitts on it.
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  • Motor yacht Odessa was originally the 2nd yacht of an order of 6 yachts, all equal in size. Due to the financial crisis, 4 yachts were canceled, only the first ( Plan B) and Odessa II were completed.
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  • The yacht was built as Bistango. For a (we believe) Japanese millionaire. She was delivered in 2010 by Benetti. Mine Games can accommodate 12 guests and has a crew of 14. Her opulent interior with marble and gold is designed by Studio Massari. Her MTU engines give her a top speed of 16 knots.
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  • Mayflower was the largest and stateliest of the presidential yachts, but it wasn’t the last. Hoover—a devoted fisherman—soon began making day trips on a wooden-hulled vessel called USS Sequoia, and he eventually grew so attached to it that he had it featured on his 1932 Christmas card.
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  • The yacht was renamed Golden Odyssey II and later named Grand Ocean. Superyacht Grand Ocean was built at Blohm&Voss in 1990. Grand Ocean can accommodate 14 guests and has a crew of 25. She had a refit in 2017. Hereunder you will find some interior photos of the yacht Grand Ocean.