How much is the new silent yacht 60?

Theresa Kassulke asked a question: How much is the new silent yacht 60?
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The base price of the new Silent 60 is 1.97 million euro. Silent Yachts deliver many options, which require additional charges at other builders, as standard "no-cost" items. The first unit of the Silent 60 will be launched in summer 2020.

  • 2023 Silent 60 59ft €2,832,630 (US$2,990,123) tax not paid London, Greater London


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  • Vessels 26 feet or larger will have a ‘Yacht Certification’ plate with compliance statements, but no capacity information. The main reason for this difference is that federal law dictates that all vessels 20 feet or smaller must contain capacity information.

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  • The Chief Officer assists the Captain with administrative and safety duties, crew management, maintenance and deck equipment, navigation and finances. The First Officer arranges safety drills, sets watch schedules and prepares the yacht for sea. The Second Officer acts as an aid and an understudy to the First Officer.

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For the Martin Scorsese film, the yacht used to capture scenes featuring DiCaprio and fellow Oscar nominee Jonah Hill on board was the 147-foot Intermarine Lady M—and she is available for charter today. Lady M is a 2002 build that most recently was refit in 2011. She accommodates 10 guests in five staterooms.

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  • As a boat owner we would suggest to associate with companies like or or even trying to invest in such companies together with managing your own yacht which would put you in a strategic investor position. However, it now requires more advanced techniques from a marketing point of view and thoroughly planned operations.

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