How much weight will a 24 foot pontoon boat hold?

Ebony Hoppe asked a question: How much weight will a 24 foot pontoon boat hold?
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How much does a 24 ft pontoon boat weigh? In short, most pontoon boats weigh around 2,200 pounds (998 kilos) including the motor, and hold around 2,000 pounds (907 kg) of people and gear. A pontoon boat trailer weighs approximately 1,200 pounds (550 kilos).


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The weight limit for a pontoon boat is the maximum amount of weight the boat can hold safely. To work out the weight limit you need to take the volume of 1 pontoon tube and multiply it by 62 lbs. Then you simply multiply this answer by 2 to get the weight capacity of your pontoon boat. This weight capacity includes everything that sits on the pontoons from the deck, to the motor and furnishing – not just passengers and gear.

by hotairgypsy » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:21 am there is usually a sticker on the boat which states it. all boats vary...mine is a 24' sun tracker and it is 15 people 2150 lbs

How much does a 24-foot pontoon boat weigh? Twenty-four feet long, this pontoon boat has a dry weight of about 2,050 pounds (929.8644 kg). The Catalina can accommodate 11 people and provide an optional centerline locker to store all your equipment.

Pontoon Volume x Density of Water = Pontoon Weight Limit & Capacity That’s essentially how it should work, but there will be some added factors you will need to consider. Above all, you should adhere to the government’s standards because if you do get stopped by the US Coast Guard, that’s what they will be looking at.

This boat has a total length of 24’2” with a deck length of 22’1”. The deck width is 8’6” and the pontoon length is 22’3”. Each pontoon has a diameter of 24”. Dry weight on this boat is 1,920 pounds but it has an average package weight of 3,754 pounds. This package weight includes a 150 HP motor with a 32.1-gallon fuel tank.

Practically a pontoon boat weight varies based on its size, manufacturer and design. But on average a pontoon weighs around 2200 pounds or 1000 kilo’s. Further, it can hold another 1800 to 2000 pounds of crew, guest and accessories. So the total average weight of a pontoon in water is about 4000 pounds.

Combine that with the average pontoon weight of 2,200 pounds and you have an overall weight of 3,400 pounds, boat and trailer. If this is your first time hauling a pontoon boat, you must double check the towing capacity on your truck before taking the boat to the marina.

lewisboats Obsessed Member. surface area of a (virtual) slice of the pontoon (Pi x 9 (sqd) = 1.76625 sq ft x the length of the pontoon... 24 ft = 42.39 cu ft x 2 = 84.78 x 62.4 lbs/ cu.ft (water weight displaced) = 5290 lbs /2 (half the pontoons submerged) = 2645 lbs total all up weight.

Boat manufacturers typically use an average weight of about one hundred and fifty pounds per person to calculate maximum capacity. It can be a little more or a little less, but if some or all of your passengers weigh over one hundred fifty pounds, you may have to decrease the number of passengers you can safely take on board.

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