How often need to dry dock yacht?

Eleanore Kiehn asked a question: How often need to dry dock yacht?
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Dry docking a ship #drydocking #shiprepair #maritime

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Newer ships only tend to dry dock every three to five years, while older ships are in need of a little more upkeep and enter dry dock every two years. During a scheduled maintenance dry dock, the ship's hull is inspected, cleaned and sometimes repainted, while the vessel's propellers and thrusters are also checked.

  • The rules state that cargo ships have to be dry docked twice in an interval of five years with the interval between consecutive dry dockings being not less than two years and not more than three years.

The efficiency of a ship depends on how well all the machinery and operating systems of the ships are maintained. Hence, ships are expected to be dry docked twice in every five years. The process is obviously an important one, but the cost of dry docking a ship is massive.

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The art of dry docking

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