How rare are s class ships nms?

Geo Wyman asked a question: How rare are s class ships nms?
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This ship is very rare, with only a 2% chance of spawning within the Odalvi XVIII system within the Euclid galaxy.

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I gave up and flew to a new system and within 15 minutes had found an S Class Explorer. It had a 62% hyperdrive and 19 slots. I assume that its always possible to get an S Class ship, but its just very rare. 2

No Man’s Sky Ship Types. There are five different types of ships and four different classes. C-Class: Small inventory. 20% or less class bonus. B-Class: Can have up to three fewer slots than the maximum for the ship type. 20% or more class bonus. A-Class: Can have up to one fewer slots than the maximum for the ship type. 35% or more class bonus.

No Man's Sky's Exotic S-Class ships are highly sought after, but they are not easy to find. Here are 10 great ships worth owning and their locations.

See: Starship Catalogue - Exotic. Although every ship model in the game could spawn as S-Class grade, there are some unique models referred to as "Exotic" that only spawn as S-Class grade. If they spawn at all, they are limited to ONE (1) ship, per solar system. The inventory ranges for Exotics are 15-20 for small.

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All exotic ships are part of the S-class and will have top tier bonus values in all three categories. Their values range between 35-50% DMG, 55-60% Shield and 50-65% Hyperdrive range. Since the price is multiplied by slotsize and the exotic ships normally lack in that regard, their price range is a fair 10M-15M units.

S Class ship in No Man’s Sky can be very difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. To top it off, you need a ton of cash to actually be able to afford one if you find it. Check out this guide to find out where to find S Class ships in No Man’s Sky.

Rarest Exotic Ship in the game! -- Yellow/Gold "GUPPY" w/ Cowled Rear Thruster. -- Finally captured on 09/18/18 in the Eissentam Galaxy. A Screenshot of No Man's Sky. By: goldengoose7. The incredibly rare Yellow/Gold "GUPPY" with a Cowled Rear Thruster. I had been hunting this ship down for 13 months and finally found it for the first time in ...

No Man's Sky Exotic Ships Guide 2021: 🔥 How to Find S Class and Exotic Ships 🚀 - YouTube. No Man's Sky Exotic Ships Guide 2021: 🔥 How to Find S Class and Exotic Ships 🚀. Watch later ...

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