How to find owner of yacht?

Caroline Considine asked a question: How to find owner of yacht?
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Who owns a yacht named 'Secret'?

  • But it may not be a coincidence that the Walton family's current yacht Secret was listed for sale in early 2019. Nancy Walton Laurie. Later we were informed that Nancy Walton Laurie is the actual buyer of the yacht. Although the yacht is now named KAOS, she is still owned by a legal entity named Secret III Ltd. Message to Other Media
  • The first step in identifying the owner is to identify the boat. Boats have many identifying features including registration numbers, names, and hull identification numbers (HIN). The most visible feature will be the name or registration number.

Who owns Lady May yacht?

  • Motor Yacht Como. The yacht Lady May was built by Feadship as Como for New Zealand automotive millionaire Neville Crichton . Crichton now owns the Heesen Como (ex Lady Petra) Lady May is a 46 meter semi-displacement yacht, capable of reaching a top speed of 19 knots, with her twin 1,900 hp Caterpillar engines.

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