How to install a vhf marine radio antenna?

Leo Jast asked a question: How to install a vhf marine radio antenna?
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  • One you arrive at the radio, simply screw on the UHF PL-259 connector onto the cable then on to the radio. That's it! Enjoy reliable communications on both VHF and AM/FM frequencies with our USA Made, High Quality Antennas. Loading...


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Installing an Air Wave Marine VHF antenna is easy thanks to our ProConnect system. Our factory installed FME connector is just slightly larger than the cable...

Installing A VHF Marine Radio STEP 1. When installing any type of electronic equipment aboard your boat, it’s always best to find a location that will... STEP 2. This step may or may not be necessary, depending upon the level of engine noise produced by your boat. STEP 3. The supplied DC power cord ...

There are three key elements to a proper & reliable VHF installation: 1. Antenna placement. 2. Antenna cabling, routing & connectors. 3. DC power requirements. See chart for details. Here are the steps to get you started: 4.Select antenna, mount(s), cable & connectors based on radio location. 1. Select DC power cable & connectors based on radio location. 2.

Not only can a pro help choosing best marine VHF antenna for your budget and needs, but they can also ensure that the following installation steps are completed correctly. Mount the Radio. Once your radio has been picked out it needs to be mounted to your boat, using a binnacle mount.

Connect a marine VHF antenna to the radio using the antenna port on the rear panel of the radio. Mount the antenna according to the installation instructions provided with the antenna.

The NMEA’s DIY brochure ­highlights three key elements of a proper VHF installation: antenna placement; antenna cabling, connectors and routing; and the radio’s DC power requirements. Improper antenna-connector and cable installation degrades VHF performance and can possibly damage the radio.

RADIO INSTALLATION EVERY ONE IS DIFFERENT ! So, there are no “rules”- only tips SINGLE UNIT (rare these days) SEPARATED UNIT common now: control head and radio unit

VHF, SSB, AM/FM, AIS, Cellular • Aperture Size Is a Function of Wavelength – VHF @ 156.800 MHz, Dipole Aperture ≈ 1.6 Feet – Applications at 1+ GHz, Dipole Aperture << 1 Foot • Antennas with Dipole Apertures – VHF, AIS,Cell Phone, AM/FM, DGPS • Conductors within Aperture Change Antenna Characteristics Property of the NMEA. Shall not

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