How to repair a boat trailer?

Kaylah Pouros asked a question: How to repair a boat trailer?
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What are the best tires for a boat trailer?

  • The best boat trailer tire is the Freestar M-108 Radial that has a 8 ply construction with a load range of D, which has a max weight rating of 1,820 LBS.

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Rust: Even galvanised trailers will eventually show signs of weakness due to corrosion or minimal boat trailer maintenance. Chip at any spots you find with a screwdriver to see how deep it goes; this will determine whether you have to completely replace that section or just repair and repaint it.

This video demonstrates how to remove and replace the rollers on a Sea Lion boat trailer. This trailer has 32 rollers. The kit purchased included the 32 ro...

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If you don';t want the boat sitting on the ground, block it up carefully so that it’s supported at the transom corners and along the keel. On a previous occasion with a larger and heavier boat, I built a temporary cradle from treated pine to hold the boat while I rerigged the boat and rebuilt the trailer.

With the boat removed from the trailer, remove the fasteners from the old bunk and measure the distance of each mounting hole from the end of the bunk. Measure and mark those spots down the center of the backside of the new bunk, and drill a 9/64-inch pilot hole at each location. Don’t drill through the topside of the bunk.

Touch them to make sure they aren’t too hot. If so, the bearings need to be repaired or replaced. Carry a set of spares to be prepared. The good news is that most premium boat trailers are designed to be low maintenance. Make sure your bearings are thoroughly inspected when the trailer is in for scheduled maintenance.

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