How to repair damanged battle ship stellaris?

Jaron Kunze asked a question: How to repair damanged battle ship stellaris?
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How to automatically repairing ships (stellaris)

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  • When the Hull, and Armor, are damaged the most common way to repair them is by docking the fleet with a Starbase. It is possible to repair ships other than by docking, such as a ship having the 'regenerative hull tissue' component, or a fleet's commanding Admiral having the 'engineer' trait.

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003 naval action tutorial - how to repair

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I did the cultist mission chain, got the ship, got creamed in battle in my own system, and now it sits there, immobile, taking up fleet capacity, unable to be repaired. You could delete the ship manually: the fact that it's not destroyed outright is a bug, so it would make sense to disband it and just pretend it got destroyed in the battle.

4. There's only one way to repair ships without going back to a space port, you can research a tech gained from space beings that allows organic armor that repairs over time. From what I know it will repair slowly and not during combat but you don't need to go to a space port to repair. You can send your ships to vassal ports if you have any ...

When I highlight it, it says that it must be repaired before I can use it again. However it does not state how. My question is - does anyone know how to repair it? It cannot move back to a spaceport due to being disabled. I tried bringing a transport ship there, that didn't work either.

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Now is the time to consolidate. ----------------. Advisor note: Consolidate and repair the fleet you almost lost by dividing your forces, yes. We are might, but not unbeatable when the enemy sends one huge fleet our way and we try to conquer much at once. A lesson worthy to learn.

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Sinking ship simulator: the royal navy's damage repair instructional unit