How to repair inflatable boat tubes with hypalon?

Tristian Friesen asked a question: How to repair inflatable boat tubes with hypalon?
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  • If you apply the adhesive to soon it will bloom (turn slightly white) the adhesive will need to be removed and new adhesive will have to be applied. 3. Mix half of the adhesive (2990 two part adhesive) as directed on the tin. Brush onto the surface thinly, the surface should look wet. Allow the adhesive to dry for at least 30 minutes. 4.

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Hypalon Adhesive – How to repair inflatable boat tubes made from hypalon 1. Mark out and cut your material to size. This should be big enough to cover the damage plus 30mm on every side. Make... 2. Sand down the top surface on the patch until it is lightly abraded to a matt finish and the back ...

Now you are ready to get to work on repairing the leaking tube: Locate the tear or hole on the inflatable boat collar or tube. If unsure as to where the puncture is located, e.g. you... Cut a fabric patch (2 if tear is greater than 50mm) with rounded corners, allowing a minimum 5cm overlap around ...

Properly patching a Hypalon® raft or cataraft isn't difficult, but it does require specific tools, supplies and techniques. In this instructional video, the ...

We turn to the professionals to stop the small leak in our dinghy and learn some good tips to repairing a hypalon dinghy. Thanks so much A Sailor's Place htt...

Wipe lightly with an MEK based solvent. (methyl ethyl ketone – often available at hardware, paint or plumbing stores, sold as a cleaner for PVC pipes or lacquer thinner) or Acetone Solvent. Hypalon will leave an oxidization and maybe some colour on the cloth, the material will not be affected or become sticky.

This is what happens when drop a sharp knife on a hypalon tube. I do not recommend this at home! These are old tubes that are going to be replaced and I obvi...

PaulMark Inflatable Boat Paint. Hypalon Tubes can be Restored with Special Paint. If your hypalon tubes are structurally sound (large holes and tears are repaired) but the material has UV damage, pinholes or extreme wear, it is possible to restore the hypalon tubes using a 2 step synthetic rubber coating paint.

How To Restore Inflatable Dinghy/Rib.This boating vlog about dinghy restoration. This dinghy is PVC and not Hypalon and has a fibreglass hull. First things f...

Retubing your rib can be done even when the tubes are no longer available from the manufacturer. We work with a couple of custom tube manufacturers to offer high quality replacement Hypalon tubes when no longer available from the original manufacturer. For larger ribs we can also offer Polyurethane tubes by WING inflatables.

Call IBC and get your tube set replaced giving you a virtually new boat. Custom built Avon tube set replacements for those hard to find gems. PVC,Hypalon or Urethane material available. Military, Recreational, and Professional markets served. If it's not listed relax, IBC has got you covered.

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