How to repair pontoon boat seats?

Lucio Leuschke asked a question: How to repair pontoon boat seats?
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How to reupholster boat seats pontoon?

  • Measure the Seats. Of course,you want to make sure that you're buying the right size of new vinyl fabric cover and foam.
  • Cut Up Your New Vinyl and Foam. Now you're going to want to cut the new upholstery…
  • Secure Your Cushions and Vinyl to the Seat Base…
  • Use a Heat Gun Where Necessary…

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With the back rest in place, you can start to attach the seats themselves. Place the seat cushion over the base to test for fit. The hinges on the underside of the seat should line up with the outer front edge of the base. By drilling fasteners and holding the hinges in place, your seats should open up to reveal the storage space inside the base.

Instead of taking the entire seat off you can stitch using heavy duty thread. With the help of our local vinyl repair ... Fix your pontoon vinyl seats yourself.

How to Install Replacement Pontoon Seats To replace your current pontoon seats, you obviously need to remove them first. Begin by detaching the seats by removing all the hardware mounting them to the pontoon boat. Then place the hardware in labeled bags so you can easily find them for later reinstalling without losing any parts.

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Replacing Seats in a Pontoon Boat (The Kon-Tiki) - YouTube. Replacing Seats in a Pontoon Boat (The Kon-Tiki) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin ...

How to Steps for Boat Seat Repair 1. Using the old sheet, place the sheet over the area to be covered and cut it to fit, making it the vinyl pattern. 2.

Just give your seats a once-over inspection after you’ve cleared out the debris and cleaned the vinyl itself. If your vinyl cracks while you’re boating, you can use duct tape as an emergency “repair kit.”. As useful as duct tape is, however, you’ll want to avoid using it as a long-term solution.

Place the vinyl repair sheet on top of the tear until it sticks together. Put the graining sheet on top of this and place the iron on the graining sheet for a few seconds. Most vinyl repair kits will suggest no longer than 1 minute, but larger tears may require more time.

DeckMate® replacement pontoon furniture and boat seats are designed to replace the furniture on your pontoon boat, giving you the most options at an affordable price. Our pontoon boat seats & furniture can be installed on any brand of pontoon boat.

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