How to repair wooden drift boat bottom?

Philip Mann asked a question: How to repair wooden drift boat bottom?
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Gluing scarf on plywood bottom for 17x54 drift boat

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How did the Old Drift Boat get repaired?

  • The interior of the boat had been repaired with a big patch of fiberglass and epoxy. The previous owner didn’t prep the surface correctly and the fiberglass had detached and water and grime had gotten underneath it. The interior sides and bottom had been painted by what looked like a 2 year old.

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Application of kevlar on drift boat bottoms

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I was sent a 1/2 gallon kit that is enough to coat up to 100 sq ft surface area with a 3-4mm layer; plenty for a drift boat bottom. It can be sprayed-on, rolled-on, or brushed-on, the latter of which I did (and later wished I had sprayed

Fishing. This past summer I inherited an old wooden drift boat from my good friends over at Boulder Boat Works. I naively thought I’d give myself a “little project” and restore a 10-plus ...

Comments for refinishing/repairing bottom of wooden boat Click here to add your own comments Jun 27, 2019 REPAIR by: George raised on L.I. Hello ! I hope your restoration goes well ! I spent my life on the water (and nobody ...

Visit The Exchange. Unless you already have a boat which, you want to renovate you're first task will be to find a suitable wooden boat restoration project. You will find used boats advertised in national boating magazines. However there are many gems which are not widely advertised.

I purchased the boat with the scrape on the bottom. I fixed it using marine tex. This product is stronger than fiberglass. If you are just fixing gel coat, t... I fixed it using marine tex. This ...

We specialize in fiberglass and wood drift boats only. We take pride in every repair we do and want our customers to have a pleasant and stress free experience when it comes to getting their drift boat repaired at a price that will not break the bank. We also can take care of those troublesome trailer woes as well.

In this part of the restoring of a 50 year old GP14 dinghy, we found rot on the bow stem and needed to replace it. It looks like a big job, but one can fix ...

Hi everyone, I’m refinishing my 86 Fishrite drift boat. The floors were badly rotten and the zolatone has worn off on the exposed boat bottom. My plan is to replace the flooring with 3/8” thick marine grade plywood and coat it with a roll-on type of bed liner.

To treat this you will need a fungicide, a toxic substance to kill any fungi that may still be in the wood. There are ready made products available. Just check that they kill the fungi and are not just preventative. One inexpensive remedy is ethylene glycol which is found in the antifreeze used in cars.

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Rivet a boat floor