How to repair your ships in kancolle?

Dennis Nolan asked a question: How to repair your ships in kancolle?
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How to repair your ship in turbulent seas (roblox)

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What to do before a battle in Kancolle?

  • Before the battle starts you can choose a formation if you have 4 or more ships in your fleet. Line ahead (単縦陣) - Offensive formation that maximizes torpedo damage, torpedo accuracy and shelling damage. Weak against submarines.

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How to fix your ship if its damaged in starscape! [updated]

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Repairs to your ship girls can be done either through the Docking menu or by using Akashi or Akitsushima. It is important to keep your ship girls healthy as damage can have detrimental effects on their combat performance. Also important to note is that heavily damaged ship girls can be sunk and permanently lost in sorties. Overview

(小破程度の損害の艦を、この装備一式につき、+1隻の同時修理が可能です) The Ship Repair Facility is used aboard repair ships. When used aboard Akashi or other repair ships, it can do temporary repairs on a ship without entering the dock. (Each facility can repair one slightly damaged ship)

While under repair, a ship cannot change equipment or do other actions, such as being used in modernization or modernized. A ship under repair can however be resupplied. After 1st June update, you can remove equipment from Kanmusus in docks using new "Equipped on other Kanmusu" button. Larger and higher-level ships take more time to repair.

Repair Ship: 工 AR Akashi can repair ships while idle. Explained on her page. 潜水母艦 Submarine Tender: 潜母艦 AS Taigei is weak, but enables superior pathing in 6-1. 補給油艦 Fleet Oiler: 補給 AO Hayasui can use seaplane bombers before remodel and carrier-based torpedo bombers after remodel. 海防艦 Coastal Defense Ship: 海防 DE

Chances are that one of your ship girls was damaged during your first sortie. If not, they certainly will be in short order, so you had better learn to repair. Click the Repair button (入渠) on the Main Screen. You will see your repair docks (two by default; more can be unlocked by purchasing a key from the cash shop.)

Fuel and ammo are generally used for resupplying your ship, while fuel and steel are used to repair your ship. Bauxite is used for planes in terms of crafting and resupplying planes to your carriers. When resupplying ships, all costs are rounded UP to the nearest whole number - for instance a Верный which has 6 ticks of fuel and 5 ticks of ammo will require 0.4*15=6 fuel, and Roundup(0.5*25)=13 ammo to resupply.

What you want to buy after you get DMM points if the Dock Extension key, check here under the recommended items list, each key will let you unlock either one repair dock slot or one construction slot, worth 1000DMM points which are 1000JPY, about US$ 10 iirc

Remember to repair and resupply your ships after finishing the map. Early on you should wait out the timers rather than instant bucketing. 1-2. This is more or less the same as 1-1 except the compass roll is at the very beginning. You can see a resource node at the bottom path, which gives you some bonus resources to take back after the sortie. 1-3

1 Library cards 1.1 No.1-10 1.2 No.11-20 1.3 No.21-30 1.4 No.31-40 1.5 No.41-50 1.6 No.51-60 1.7 No.61-70 1.8 No.71-80 1.9 No.81-90 1.10 No.91-100 1.11 No.101-110 1.12 No.111-120 1.13 No.121-130 1.14 No.131-140 1.15 No.141-150 1.16 No.151-160 1.17 No.161-170 1.18 No.171-180 1.19 No.181-190 1.20 No.191-200 1.21 No.201-210 1.22 No.211-220 1.23 No.221-230 1.24 No.231-240 1.25 No.241-250 1.26 No ...

Learn how to repair your ship in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire for PC. After a hard battle, or a trip through a storm, you might need to make repairs, here's how to do it.

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