How to respawn helicopter on yacht?

Deron Grant asked a question: How to respawn helicopter on yacht?
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Can a yacht be used as a spawn point?

  • The defense system can attack player and NPC aircraft, while also being able to defend against incoming rockets from planes and launchers. Like apartments, the yacht can be set as a spawn point. Essentially, the yacht acts like a floating apartment, although it does not count toward the total properties owned by the player.

How do I access the yacht when it is anchored?

  • There are a few options which can be chosen by calling the ship's captain using the in game phone, and can be used to gain access to the yacht when it is anchored at a location. The options include: Calling for the helicopter (if applicable) which spawns on the yacht to be delivered to a location near the anchor point.


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How much does a yacht cost in GTA 5?

  • The Pisces: this is the medium sized yacht and costs 7 million GTA$. It's pretty much comparable to the largest version but it provides less vehicles which you can use. The Aquarius: this is the largest yacht and it'll cost you 8 million GTA$. It's shipped with a helicopter, a speedboat, a dinghy and four sea sharks (jet ski's).

⚓ Who owns boardwalk yacht with helicopter?

Tilman Fertitta

Measuring just over 163 feet long, 'Boardwalk' has taken her talents to Downtown Miami, with the superyacht owned by billionaire restaurateur Tilman Fertitta joining the 174-foot Mizu outside the Epic Hotel.

⚓ What is a helicopter on a yacht?

  • These floating works of art are topped with the ultimate cherry – a helicopter. There are no limits when it comes to offering the highest level of service to guests. Getting picked up by a helicopter to escort them to the yacht is an experience in itself, and gives guests a peek into what’s in store for the duration of the their time on board.

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Can a helicopter be used to transport a yacht?

A growing number of modern yachts comes equipped with helipads, as helicopters are a convenient, time-saving, stylish and safe means of transportation… Additionally, extreme sports enthusiasts can enjoy helicopter water skiing, some owners even pilot their helicopters.

Why buy a yacht for sale with a helicopter?
  • Purchasing a yacht for sale with a helicopter can add the extra value of flexibility to your business operations. Transfer seamlessly from yacht to shore and back in minutes for business meetings, with no need for the yacht to dock and no time wasted waiting for the tender to be deployed.
How much is a yacht that can hold a helicopter?
  • The popular, entry level Robinson R44 – capable of carrying a pilot and three passengers – costs from $375,000 new, with used examples being available from $250,000.
Is it possible to charter a yacht with a helicopter?
  • A yacht with a helicopter not only adds an extra dynamic of adventure and opulence to your charter, but is also extremely practical, allowing you to explore more of the cruising ground while still remaining in easy reach of land.
What can you do with a helicopter on a yacht?
  • A yacht equipped with a helicopter simplifies your life on board. Travel from yacht to shore in minutes to explore on land. Land on a deserted mountain top accessible only by you and your guests for a day of heli-skiing. Touch down on a clifftop for fantastic views and adventures.
What is the name of the yacht with the helicopter?
  • Tatoosh is a luxury explorer type yacht, she carries a helicopter, a sailboat, and several other boats, tenders, and toys. She is pictured on this page in Antibes, France. The helicopter on deck, with registration N906AF is registered to Vulcan Inc.
Do crashed ships respawn nms?

Repair launcher and pulse drive and go to station to scrap at the salvage station, or repair if you want to keep it. If you find a good hauler, mark it with a save beacon and check back in a few days because they respawn.

Do the legendary ships respawn?

Once you destroy all Legendary Ships, they will never respawn again.

How much does it cost to get a helicopter on a super yacht?
  • The options include: Calling for the helicopter (if applicable) which spawns on the yacht to be delivered to a location near the anchor point. Costs $1,000. Calling for a boat to be delivered to the shoreline near the anchor point. This will always be the Dinghy. Costs $750.
Do yachts have helicopter hangars?
  • Some yachts with helicopters have touch and go helipads located on either the sundeck, boat deck or the foredeck, while larger superyachts and support vessels have designated helicopter hangars to permanently store the helicopter, as well as reserve fuel tanks.
Can a helicopter be used as a private jet?
  • Helicopters are ideal for connections with private jet charters. Chartering a helicopter from your arrival airport can ensure you land closer to your final destination, whether that be a sports stadium or a marina where your yacht charter awaits. Find out more about chartering a private jet with us.
Why choose a superyacht with a helicopter on deck?
  • There’s no more striking sight in the superyacht world than a helicopter perched on deck anchored in a beautiful setting, and it’s always a thrill to descend on your yacht from the skies, watching the blades churn up the turquoise sea below.
How much does it cost to buy a jet helicopter?
  • At 48 feet in length the AW169 isn't small but if you can find the space you'll be rewarded with a max range of 440 nautical miles. Expect to pay around $8.5 million. The 505 Jet Ranger X is a lightweight helicopter that offers speed and manoeuvrability well suited to tight landing spots.
What makes a yacht a yacht?

A yacht is a yacht when it is solely used for recreational enjoyment by its owner. A boat becomes a yacht at about 30' in length. I was wondering about the answer to this question too, so I did some research. The best description, since there is no exact answer, came from the on-line Encylopedia Brittanica, so I copied an excerpt for all to see here: "Yacht lengths generally start at 32-35 feet (10-11 m) and go up to hundreds of feet. A mega yacht generally refers to any yacht (sail or power) above 100 ft (34 m) and a super yacht generally refers to any yacht over 200 ft (70 m). This size is small in relation to typical cruise liners and oil tankers. " But the perfect Yacht is one that is most suitable to a particular owner. For example my friend has a Symbol Yacht that is 69' and he is the process of selling his yacht. I cannot imagine a more beautiful motor yacht then his motor yacht Imagine; no pun intended. It is unfortunate that it is being sold, but what is one person's loss will be another's gain. It is really a special yacht with impeccable attention to detail, ride, and safety.Imagine is the perfect example of a yacht. Happy cruising!

What yacht?
  • A yacht is any fast cruising watercraft used for pleasure or sport. Yachts can be classified into cruisers, superyachts, and mega yachts. The difference between them all boils down to their respective sizes.
Where yacht?

Where to charter a yacht?

  • Where To Charter A Yacht? Matching the right location for you is paramount. There are immensely interesting and diverse places all over the world to charter a crewed superyacht, but the most popular spots are: A Mediterranean yacht charter which makes for the ultimate vacation with it’s fine culture, finer boats and beautiful azure waterways. The Med’ is an extremely varied location with many beautiful countries to visit, such as France, Italy, Sardinia, Monaco, Greece, Croatia and more.
How do you spell yacht or yacht?
  • In truth, the word presents us with more of a challenge than many others. However, holding to the notion that every word incorporated into the English language is comprised of sounds and that all sounds have been assigned spellings, ‘yacht’ contains three sounds /y/ /o/ and /t/.
Is a 65 foot yacht a yacht?
  • According to, any vessel “over 40 feet long almost always qualifies” as a yacht. By the length standard alone, that would qualify “Almost Heaven” as a yacht: The vessel, built in 2001, is 65 feet long, according to Coast Guard documents provided to PolitiFact by the NRSC.
What is a yacht stewardess (yacht stew)?
  • A yacht stewardess (yacht stew) is an entry-level position to working onboard a superyacht. A Yacht stewardess is responsible for the maintenance of the interior of the superyacht and providing the highest standard оf hоѕрitаlitу аnd ѕеrviсе in line with the owners and guests expectations. What Does a Yacht Stewardess Do?
What makes a yacht a " classic " yacht?
  • Classic yachts are generally considered to be yachts that were built in the past. Some people have different definition and standards for what makes a yacht a classic. The older the yacht is, the more likely it is to be considered a classic yacht.
What makes a yacht a luxury yacht?
  • As the yacht is known for being a luxurious vessel capable of sailing from one port to another. The boat must have a means of accommodating such travels. Boats which do not have a cabin space are not, technically, Yachts but luxury cruisers or luxury boats. Boats with a cabin which are over 36’ are usually considered miniature yachts.
What makes a yacht a mega yacht?

what makes a superyacht a superyacht? ... And Wikipedia only muddies the water by quoting several sources in this vague attempt at a definition: “A superyacht or megayacht is a large, luxurious, professionally crewed motor or sailing yacht, ranging from 24 meters (79 ft) to more than 180 meters (590 ft) in length.