How to set sails on a yacht?

Era Cruickshank asked a question: How to set sails on a yacht?
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How do you set up a sailboat?

  • Start by setting the mainsail, the big sail. The line to the boom (called the mainsheet) must be well eased so the sail, once set, spills wind (luffs) and doesn’t fill prematurely. The boom will flop around, so keep your head low and consider controlling it with a line called a preventer.

How to sail a boat?

  • Part 4 of 5: Sailing Your Boat 1 Watch the front of the sail edge on the main and jib… 2 Watch your wind indicators (telltales). If you see it change so that the wind is coming from a direction that is more behind you, you will be wasting energy. 3 Close reach… More items...

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