How to winterize a yacht diesel?

Thaddeus Bartoletti asked a question: How to winterize a yacht diesel?
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What happens when you winterize a diesel engine?

  • Winterizing your diesel engine (s) is a step-by-step process. When you’re done, your engine will have clean oil, stabilized fuel and a cooling system that’s either completely drained or filled with antifreeze. You will have inspected key components, covered all openings, left big reminder notes and listed all required repairs.

How do you winterize a marine diesel engine?

  • Winterizing Your Marine Diesel or Genset Stabilize the Fuel. Check your fuel-water separator for sediment and water, and clean or replace the elements as needed. Change the Oil. Change the engine’s oil and replace the oil filter. Why do this now, instead of waiting until spring? Coat the Cylinders ...

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