How wide can you get marine vinyl?

Philip Bechtelar asked a question: How wide can you get marine vinyl?
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Marine grade vinyl comes on a roll that is 54 inches wide. Most cushions aren't going to be wider than that.

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Marine Vinyl is a standard 54" wide (See Length Guide) What is the difference between regular vinyl and marine vinyl? Marine vinyl has special additives added to the vinyl while it's being made. Marine Vinyl protects the material from harsh elements like UV rays, Mold and Mildew, Cold Temperat

marine vinyl Ottertex® Vinyl fabric is a 54" wide, faux leather fabric that weighs approximately 2lbs per linear yard and has a thickness of 1mm. This fabric features a durable PVC (plastic polyvinyl chloride) coating with a mesh back woven from strong polyester fibers.

Free Samples. This Premium Clear Vinyl Comes 54" & 72" Wide. It's Double Polished For Crystal Clear Viewing. Prices start at $1.75 Per Yard. Cuts Easily, UV Treated, Durable, Flexible, and Waterproof. Perfect for Porch Enclosures, Boat/Auto Windows, Barriers. Comes in 10, 12, 16, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80 Gauge thickness.

Considering its dimensions, it is 54 inches wide. You can purchase a swatch piece for sampling first and see if the quality and colour match the interior of your boat properly. You can easily wipe it using mild soap and warm water when it gets a stain. Conclusion. Choosing the best marine vinyl fabric is essential.

The test you would want to look for is the EN388 puncture test or the ball burst test. These tests figures out how much force the material could handle before breaking. A good marine vinyl should be able to withstand 50 pounds of force before breaking. Another similar test measures tear resistance (ASTM D5587).

Lastly, it is resistant to abrasion. This makes it a useful fabric for a large number of industries such as marine, healthcare, automotive, protective clothing, etc. As it doesn’t absorb water, it is easily cleaned with a cloth. How Long Will Marine Vinyl Fabric Last? If the material is taken care of, it can be expected to last for about ten years. This makes it a natural choice for boat upholstery because other fabrics don’t have the level of waterproofing and resistance to mold.

Sunbrella Horizon Marine Vinyl. Seamlessly matching the color system used in Sunbrella woven marine fabrics, Horizon is available in 30+ styles, 25 color options, and 2 embossing patterns with a smooth, matte finish. Sunbrella woven marine fabrics easily coordinate with: Boat colors; Design schemes; Interior and exterior boat applications

These fabrics are ideal for cover applications and are not recommended for marine seating or upholstery uses. Stamoid Top is a vinyl-coated, high-tenacity 100% woven polyester with a weight of 12.64 ounces per square yard. Stamoid Light is simply a lighter weight (8.3 ounces per square yard), more economically priced vinyl-coated polyester fabric.

You can also use marine vinyl cleaner that is made specifically to clean seats. This is recommended because you don’t want harsh cleaners and scrubbing to take off the outer protective layer of he vinyl. If you’re not careful you can easily take years off the life of your vinyl simply by cleaning it with the wrong solution.

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