Is 500 hours a lot for a boat?

Merle Auer asked a question: Is 500 hours a lot for a boat?
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Unless you are looking at a really high hour boat (2,000+ hours) there are typically very few drawbacks to the number of hours a boat has. In fact, a boat with normal hours (50-75 per year) will often time run better than a boat with low hours.

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Just curious what you consider is a lot of hours to have on a boat. I've seen the in the 500-600 hrs range, I thought that was a lot. bulb. Click to expand... It would depend on how well it is maintained. When my plane was rebuilt in '98 the airframe total time was 7,657 hrs. it now has over 8,000 hrs. total time. Hope this helps.

Is 200, 400, 500, 700 Hours A Lot For A Boat? When it comes to the engine hours on a boat. There are a lot of variables to remember. I want to make sure and put this in here because it isn’t really about the number. Whether it is 200, 400, 500, 700, or even thousands! The number is only half of the story.

Boat owners have drastically varied use patterns. If you are like many users that put 50-75 hours per summer, it will be virtually impossible to "wear out" a boat unless it is not cared for properly. We have purchased boats from MasterCraft that had been used at Cypress Gardens in Florida and had over 7000 hours on the original engine.

An average boater in Eastern Ontario will use their boat for 20-50 hours per season. However, the range can be from 5 - 200 hours annually. One of the most common questions we get when handling a used boat inquiry is "how many hours does it have". There are a number of opinions about boat engine hours, most of them siding in the lower is better ...

Re: 2005 Yamaha 115 4 stroke is 500 hours a lot? How does the boat it's mounted on look? I have a 26 year old Yamaha 115 hp two stroke on a 24' pontoon boat, and you cannot kill it. Yamaha's are premium motors--especially the modern 4 strokes. You cannot compare a boat motor to a car motor--even if it was an inboard-outboard.

The Life Expectancy of the Marine Engine The average marine gasoline engine runs for 1,500 hours before needing a major overhaul. The average marine diesel engine will run for more than three times that long and log an average 5,000 hours under the same conditions. The number of hours that…

The average boater uses his or her boat about 50 hours per season, so use that as a good rule of thumb. If a boat is four years old, then about 200 hours would be about normal. If it’s five years old, 250 is about right, and so forth. Rinda’s TechMate diagnostic tool can help with determining engine hours on a used boat with electronic fuel ...

Sure, a boat less than 3 years old with low hours generally will be a good sign. But lets take a look at a 10-15 year old boat with 200-300 hours. Older Low Hour Boats. We’ve all seen the online ad that says “low hours” or “hardly used”. Hours on a boat is not the same comparison as kilometres on a car.

I have spent months looking for the perfect 290 signature. I found a boat that could be it but am concerned about the hours. It is a 2006 with 380 hours. Dont want to buy a maintenance nightmare! Any feed back would be great.

When calculating boating hours to miles, you need to take into account the range of boat speeds. Going slow for many hours may not be many miles, but it is a strain on the engine. If you consider the average boating season yields 50 hours on your motor, then you would be adding the equivalent of 500 to 1,500 miles onto your engine.

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