Is marine goop permanent?

Jaylan Schroeder asked a question: Is marine goop permanent?
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Amazing GOOP is a line of adhesives with the tagline "Glues Whatever, Bonds Forever." It's used in automotive and marine applications. GOOP is used to repair furniture.

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Amazing Goop Marine Adhesive is great for many marine purposes including sealing, coating and repairs; Permanent, clear adhesive that is extremely flexible and UV-resistant; Bonds metal, canvas, wood, vinyl, rope and more; Size: 305 mL

Marine grade contact adhesive suitable for use on fiberglass, metal fabric and glass. This glue is perfect for the permanent mounting of transducers in hull and most other odd jobs. This glue is very viscous and easy to work with, slow setting (allow 48hrs) and UV resistant

Both are rated for permanent underwater installations, both will stay flexable indefinately. The Goops are a polypropylene/solvent based adhesive/sealant, the 3M is a polyurethane adhesive/sealant. So, has anybody actually used this to fix rivets? Also, GOOP makes a product called "Coat-it" its made for making the bottom of a boat slippery.

This semi-permanent and moderately strong adhesive sealant enables bonded components to be lifted off after extended usage. However, there are a couple of downsides that you should look into once you decided to get this product and these are the reality that it is slightly hard to clean as it could be messy since it is thicker and stickier as compared to a caulk.

Goop makes a Marine Goop......... I've been using Household Goop for years and it's wonderful. My two main adhesives are JB Weld for rigid, permanent and Goop for almost everything else. It's strong, flexible, waterproof and it need be, can be removed. Great stuff.

The marine goop will decay over time but it will generally hold for 8-12 months then you will need to redo it. I am planning on a external mounting option I will post detailed instructions if it works.

Yes. Amazing GOOP Marine is water resistant immediately upon application. Apply Amazing GOOP Marine directly to the surface to be sealed. Use thin coats of Amazing GOOP Marine to build a thick coating on the surface to be sealed, allowing each layer to set 3 to 4 hours. This is especially ideal for smooth surfaces, such as plastic, glass or ceramic.

Lawn & Garden Goop, Marine Goop, RV Goop, and Sports & Outdoors Goop: These Goops are the same as Auto, Household and Plumbing, but also have added UV resistance, making them better for outdoor situations. Check out the details above, find out what you need and check the current prices to find the cheapest one, so you don’t get ripped off.

2-3 hours is secure but 24-48 hours is super permanent and vibration resistant. Good stuff. MARINE version is mostly marketing but more salt resistant. I've used several versions, and the Marine and General Use and RV versions are 95% interchangeable for most repairs.

It is clear and waterproof when dry, and maintains a flexible feel. Unlike other sealants, it does not turn yellow after time. Goop is able to withstand temperatures as low at minus 40 and up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and is acid-resistant. As the toluene evaporates over time, the Goop will shrink.

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