Is marine technician a trade?

Lola Pagac asked a question: Is marine technician a trade?
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“Marine Service Technician” refers to a tradesperson who performs any combination of service, repair, construction or installation of recreational vessels and light commercial vessels, with marine specialty skills in one or more of the following areas: composites technology, refinishing, woodworking, metals, systems ...

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A marine technician, or marine mechanic, is someone who services and repairs motors on boats and other aquatic equipment. You could consider them a boat doctor, they are the people who make sure all of the intricate parts of sea machines are running smoothly. Some of the boats that you may work on as a marine technician are fishing boats, yachts, ...

It’s a challenging trade both physically and mentally, but if you enjoy working with your hands, problem solving and have a passion for life at sea, then a career as a Marine Technician in the Royal Canadian Navy might be just the thing for you.

The work is usually performed using hand, power or pneumatic tools, and computerized analytic and diagnostic equipment. Further, marine technicians can work on shore or on the open water. Marine technicians can find work in public, private and government sectors or they may freelance. Public sector career paths include working for public marinas, companies that rent out boats or service/repair yards. Career opportunities in the private sector may include employment by yacht or fleet owners ...

“marine service technician trade” means the occupation of a marine service technician, consisting of servicing and repairing, refitting and upgrading marine vessels; “marine vessel” includes motor- and sail-driven vessels; “servicing and repairing”, in relation to a marine vessel, includes

Marine Technician Training - Marine Technician. According to the bureau of Labor Statistics, marine technician employment is expected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations, and people with marine technician training should enjoy good job prospects. But always remember, the use of motorboats and outdoor power equipment is seasonal in most areas, so marine technicians may need to ...

Marine technicians, or motorboat mechanics, maintain and repair the mechanical and electrical equipment found on recreational boats and small commercial vehicles. Some techs may also maintain a ...

Marine Technicians are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ship’s engines, auxiliary systems and habitability equipment contributing to the ships ability to operate independently. As a Marine Technician you make a major contribution towards ensuring the ship is always ready to respond to an urgent tasking.

This course is the first of three modules required to earn the Marine Technician 350-hour Certificate, a program approved by and offered in partnership with the Massachusetts Marine Trades Association (MMTA). This course provides a brief overview of the marine industry and working environment for technicians, marine tools and equipment, and safety training. Introduced are the basic principles of internal combustion engines, engine systems, and basic electricity, plus the theory of power ...

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00100 Meteorological Technician (MET TECH) 00101 Search and Rescue Technician (SAR TECH) 00105 Boatswain (BOSN) 00109 Aerospace Telecommunications and Information Systems Technician (ATIS TECH) 00114 Naval Combat Information Operator (NCI OP) 00115 Naval Electronic Sensor Operator (NES OP) 00120 Communicator Research (COMM RSCH)

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