Marine repair labor rates illinois?

Elias Reynolds asked a question: Marine repair labor rates illinois?
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  • Service Call: $135+/hr Haul-Out: $12+ per/ft After-Hours/Holiday's: $175+/hr

Labor fees for marine technician service can vary by region and season, but the basic charge will be similar to the rate charged for labor at an automobile dealership, between $70 and $120 per hour.

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Marine Repair Labor Rates Standard Service hourly rate: $ 100.00 I n-Water Service fee for barge usage: $ 9 0.00 M inimum Service Charge: 2hrs - $ 20 0.00 I n-Water additional labor rate: $ 1 0.00 per hour T railer rental charge: $175.00 per day up to 30ft

Labor Rate : $75.00 hr. Shop Boat Rate: $75.00 hr. Priority Service: $140.00 hr. Please call for details. Diesel over 50HP : $95.00 hr. Jet Ski Repairs: $85.00 hr. Travel Rate*: $30 hr. First hour, $65.00 thereafter. * Travel rate may be waived with larger projects.

Harry's Marine Repair, a full service marina boatyard located in Westbrook, Connecticut. Yard Labor Rates 2020 / 2021 Thursday , August 05 , 2021

Marine Pump Replacement Parts; Rule 1500 GPH Automatic ... Labor rate at local dealer in Illinois is $80.00 per hour. Don't have an answer for the other questions… Average repair labor rate? I am finding rates that are extremely low, if you look for techs that have been laid off from service centers who made cuts to stay alive in business…

Over 100 years combined experience in boating & boat repair. ABYC Certified. Labor Rates. Yard Rate – $110hr. Electrical, Mechanical & Fiberglass – $115hr. Mobile Labor – $125/hr. with cc number upfront – drive time included. Bottom Paint. $25/ft.* (min charge $625) 1 Coat Paint – plus paint. $30/ft.* (min charge $750) 2 Coats Paint ...

The Illinois Procurement Code requires prevailing wage payments to service employees performing work on STATE contracts. Currently calendar year rates for service employees are: Food Service Rates. Janitorial Service Rates. Security Services Rates . Printer Rates . .

Seatrial, test run and trouble shoot, labor 4 hours 360.00 Miscellaneous materials, fuel, etc. 100.00 5. Replace the U-joint and gimbal bearings. R & R outdrives, replace bearings, labor 5 hours 450.00 2 U-joints @ 59.99 ea. 119.98 2 gimbal bearings @ 64.38 ea. 128.76 6. Replace the control cables, labor 4 hours 360.00 4 control cables @ $59.99: 239.96

Sampling of Body Labor Rates Across the Country. $52 – Guthrie, Okla. $60 – Madison, Wis. $52 – Norwalk, Ohio $48 – Staunton, Va. $50 – Columbus, OH $75 – Saratoga, Wyo.

The rate of pay is determined by the prevailing wage as ascertained under the Act paid to laborers, workers and mechanics employed on public works projects and is not determined based upon the rates paid on non public works. It is not an average or median of rates paid. What happens where the Prevailing Rate changes in the midst of an ongoing ...

“When it comes to auto repair, 98 percent of it is labor and parts. If it’s half of the equation and usually 55 percent of sales, then it’s hugely important to have the right number.” Tsuchida’s current labor rate is $140, while his diagnosis rate is $160. And for Svedberg, his labor rate is set at $129.22.

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